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Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 06 April 2021


St. John Lutheran School

April 5, 2021 Number 30

From The Principal’s Pen

Alleluia! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Happy Easter! When we look at the accounts of the resurrection (Matthew 28, Mark 16, Luke 24, John 20) we see many reactions:

• The guards were so afraid. Matt. 28:4

• The women were afraid yet filled with joy. Matt. 28:8

• The women worshiped him. Matt. 28:9

• The women were alarmed. Mark 16:5

• The women trembled and were bewildered. Mark 16:8

• The women wondered. Luke 24:4

• The women were frightened. Luke 24:5

• The disciples did not believe. Luke 24:11

• Peter wondered what happened. Luke 24:12

• The other disciple (John) believed. John 20:8

When faced with Jesus, we have the same reactions, right? At times we are afraid. We fear that God will send the wrath that we deserve. At other times we are bewildered or we wonder. We don’t understand God, what He is doing, and what He wants us to do. At times we are alarmed, shocked at what God wants from us. In the end, the response that is needed is worship and belief. Jesus is God and brings forgiveness and salvation to those who believe in Him. Jesus came at Christmas and the reason Jesus came is made clear at Easter:

“For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost.” Luke 19:10

Alleluia! He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

Track Practice and the Parking Lot

Our track team, open to students in 5th-8th grades, has begun practicing! Practice days vary from week to week, but the team usually practices 3 days a week. The team can often be found practicing in the parking lot and alley. If you arrive after 3:15 to pick up your child from Extended Care or another activity, please drive with extra caution in the parking lot!

Frozen Food Fundraiser Kicks Off

Today is the kick-off for this Spring’s annual frozen food fundraiser. The sale is strictly on a voluntary basis, but we hope you might get involved and help raise money for the work of our Parent-Teacher League. Brochures are being sent home with students today and include a letter with pertinent information. Brochures are due back to the office by Monday, April 19, and must include payment with the order. Delivery will be Wednesday, May 12 at the end of the school day. Thanks for your help!


Tuesday, April 6 thru Friday, April 9 – no bus service either way

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student the week before Spring Break: Tyler Matthews and Silas Gaff

The following staff members will be prayed for this week: Mr. Eiler, Miss Young (it’s also her birthday!), Mrs. Thiem, and Mrs. Thornton

Composting is Coming

Congratulations to Mrs. Moser who submitted a grant application to the Noble REMC EnviroWatts program and received the great news that her proposal was accepted! Mrs. Moser will be starting a composting program here at St. John that will turn food waste into compost/soil that will be used around our property and (possibly) made available to church and school families. Along the way, the students will learn all about the composting process and the benefits it provides. Congratulations, Mrs. Moser, and we’re excited to start generating compost next year!

School Choice (Voucher) Students

Parents of students applying for a School Choice (voucher) Scholarship for the 2021-22 school year need to come in to the office to complete your application for next year. The process takes about 10 minutes with Mrs. Thiem. You will need a copy of your 2020 tax return, unless you receive other forms of public assistance. We will have verification of that if you do.

SJK Running Club

Please join us for the first meeting of the SJK Running Club! The purpose of this group is simply to get together and run. Whether you run fast, run slow, or walk, you are welcome to join us! This group is open to all so invite your friends. We’ll meet on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month at 9:30 at the Fishing Line Trail parking lot on N 600 E (about1/4 mile north of Highway 6). The plan is to run/walk for 45 minutes, but you can go longer or shorter as needed. Our first meeting will be on Saturday, April 17. For questions or more information, contact Mr. Walz.

2020 Tax Deduction Information

Parents, as you fill out your 2020 Tax Return, you should be aware that you may be eligible for a $1,000 tax deduction per dependent child that is enrolled in a nonpublic school such as St. John. Your tuition payments would qualify you for this deduction. In order to claim this deduction, you need to know that St. John’s school code is C985. The deduction code is 626. If you have questions, please check with your tax preparer or your tax preparation software.

Tax Reform and St. John Tuition

One of the provisions in the Tax Reform Act passed a couple years ago is that families can use their 529 accounts to pay for K-12 education and not just college education. This could be great news for those of you who already have a 529 account started. It’s also another great reason to start one of these accounts if you haven’t.


That’s Fine

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Wellness Event

May 5 - 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

PPG – Family Medicine - 402 Sawyer Rd. - Kendallville

April 20 - 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

PPG – Family Medicine - 1464 Lincolnway South - Ligonier

April 6 and 29 - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

PPG - Family Medicine - 817 Trail Ridge Road - Albion

Appointments are required for all services. Walk-ins will be assisted to schedule an appointment for later time slot or on a different day. To make an appointment for the Care Mobile, call 1-877-774-8632.

Available services include: wellness visits, flu shots, immunizations, screenings (hearing, vision, developmental), point of care testing (lead, strep, urine), childhood health and safety education, and free oral hygiene kits! All services are available for children 0-18 years.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile delivers no-charge services to families without medical insurance. Families with medical insurance are also welcome.

Camp Lutherhaven Time!

Which do you think is greater – swimming or boating? How about archery or crafts? What about getting up early for Polar Bear or staying up for late night s’mores? No matter what your preference is, you will be sure to experience a ton of fun at Camp Lutherhaven this summer! With youth programs for K-12, family programs, and Servant Events for grades 8-12, you can come and enjoy all that Lutherhaven offers. Visit us online today at www.lutherhaven.org, or call for more information at 260-636-7101.

Fitness Fact

Warming up in motion enhances muscular performance and power. Studies reveal dynamic stretching before a workout can help you lift more weight and increase overall athletic performance compared to no stretching or static stretching. If you are trying to get stronger, build more muscle, or simply perform better, a dynamic warm-up routine is likely your best bet.

ILEARN State Test is Coming

The ILEARN state test covers reading, math, science (grades 4 and 6 only), and social studies (grade 5 only) and is given to all 3rd-8th grade students. The test window (when we are required to give this assessment) is April 19 through May 14. We do ask parents to do their best to avoid scheduling appointments during the test window so that we can limit the number of make-up tests we need to give. A full testing schedule will be sent home next Monday. Additional details regarding testing will come home in the next two weeks.

St. John Showcase 2021 – April 16!

Our SHOWCASE 2021 Talent Show is scheduled for Friday, April 16, at 6:30. We look forward to hosting an in-person event, fellowshipping together, and showcasing the talents of our students. We have a number of school groups participating as well as individual student acts. Masks and distancing will be required. Any additional COVID protocols will be shared next week. Please make plans to attend this special night.

Tuesday, April 6

8:10 – Chapel

Wednesday, April 7

3:00 – 4:30 – Track Practice

Thursday, April 8

3:00 – 4:30 – Track Practice

7:00 - Worship Service

Friday, April 9

Saturday, April 10

Palm Sunday, April 11

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Sunday School and Bible Classes

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

April is here and it’s time to think spring!

I’ve got some ideas of things you should bring.

The kids like small wind-up toys, or so I am told

At dollar stores everywhere you’ll find they are sold.

If a wind-up is not on your list to buy

Then check out the brochure with other items to try.

Ask God to help pick the one that’s just right

He’s already got the recipient in His sight!

Again, I ask you to help fill a shoebox

To show a child in need that OUR JESUS ROCKS!

They’ll feel your love from so far away

Your little gift will make their day!

Anything else that you think fits the bill

Can be placed in the collection box each month as well.

In the lobby you’ll find it upon the floor

Just lift its lid and fill it galore!

Cathy Thiem

Operation Christmas Child Coordinator


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