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Banner #33; April 26, 2021

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 26 April 2021


St. John Lutheran School

April 26, 2021 Number 33

The Principal’s Pen

Who would’ve thought….

In March of 2020, who would’ve thought that we would finish the last 10 weeks of the school year at home?

In June of 2020, who would’ve thought that we would have gone an entire school year with very few special events?

In September of 2020, who would’ve thought that we would still be wearing masks in April?

In December of 2020, who would’ve thought that we would celebrate Christmas gatherings over Zoom?

This year, at school, work, and home, has contained many things that we may not have thought would be possible. But, together, we have persevered. In many ways, we have grown stronger and learned new things about ourselves and others. The year has been hard, but it has also contained good.

Beyond what we experience in the reality of our lives, we have other truths that we may not have thought possible.

Who would’ve thought…. that God would love us so much that he would send His Son to save us (John 3:16)!

Who would’ve thought…. that God wants to give me rest from my burdens (Matthew 11:28)!

Who would’ve thought…. that the salvation God offers us is a completely free gift (Ephesians 2:8)

Who would’ve thought…. that, even in the midst of troubles, God wants me to have peace (John 14:27)!

We have experienced some things in the past year that we would’ve thought weren’t possible. Likewise, our God also provides blessings that we may also have thought weren’t possible.

Seeking to reach all with Christ, St. John Lutheran School partners with families to provide a Christ-centered education which nurtures faith in Christ,

promotes discipleship, develops God-given abilities and skills,

and encourages academic excellence.

Vacation Bible School

Join us July 19-23 from 6-8 p.m. this summer as we learn how our God can make the impossible possible. We'll enjoy Bible stories, games, snacks, crafts, music, and more! Children ages 3 through entering 6th grade are welcome to attend. Please pre-register online at www.vbsmate.com/SJK Contact Mollie Scheiber with any questions at (260) 242-6212 or molliescheiber10@gmail.com

School Choice (Voucher) Students

Parents – We’re ready now!!

Parents of students applying for a School Choice (voucher) Scholarship for the 2021-22 school year need to come in to the office to complete your application for next year. The process takes about 10 minutes with Mrs. Thiem. You will need a copy of your 2020 tax return, unless you receive certain other forms of public assistance. We will have verification of that if you do.

Retirements and Position Opening

It is with sadness for us and thanksgiving to God that we announce the retirements of Cathy Thiem as Office Manager and Cheryl Young as Office Assistant at the end of this school year. Cathy has served faithfully in the office for 33 years and Cheryl has served faithfully for 8 years. They have been a blessing to countless students, families, and church members! Details on opportunities to recognize both of these ladies will be forthcoming.

We are now accepting applications for the Office Manager position. To aide in the transition, Cathy will fill the Office Assistant position for a period of time as the new Office Manager becomes established. Job descriptions and applications are available through the office. Questions can be directed to Pastor Rigdon, Paul Wendt, or Tim Walz.

21st Century Scholar Program

Parents, especially of 7th and 8th graders, need to explore this state program that provides college funding for eligible Indiana students. Income eligibility requirements exist, but the application process and other requirements are fairly simple. Scholarships for both Indiana public and private colleges are available. Applications must be made during the student’s 7th or 8th grade year. You can find all the details at www.in.gov/ssaci/2345.htm

Camp Lutherhaven Time!

Which do you think is greater – swimming or boating? How about archery or crafts? What about getting up early for Polar Bear or staying up for late night s’mores? No matter what your preference is, you will be sure to experience a ton of fun at Camp Lutherhaven this summer! With youth programs for K-12, family programs, and Servant Events for grades 8-12, you can come and enjoy all that Lutherhaven offers. Visit us online today at www.lutherhaven.org, or call for more information at 260-636-7101.

Track Practice and the Parking Lot

Our track team, open to students in 5th-8th grades, has begun practicing! Practice days vary from week to week, but the team usually practices 3 days a week. The team can often be found practicing in the parking lot and alley. If you arrive after 3:15 to pick up your child from Extended Care or another activity, please drive with extra caution in the parking lot!

Composting is Coming

Congratulations to Mrs. Moser who submitted a grant application to the Noble REMC EnviroWatts program and received the great news that her proposal was accepted! Mrs. Moser will be starting a composting program here at St. John that will turn food waste into compost/soil that will be used around our property and (possibly) made available to church and school families. Along the way, the students will learn all about the composting process and the benefits it provides. Congratulations, Mrs. Moser, and we’re excited to start generating compost next year!

SJK Running Club

Saturday, May 1

9:30 AM

Fishing Line Trail

Parking lot on N 600 E

(1/4 mile north of Hwy. 6)

Whether you walk or run,. Please join us for some fitness and fellowship!

K-2nd Grade Spring Program

Our Kindergarten – 2nd Grade Spring Program has been set for Friday, May , at 6:30 PM. We look forward to joining together as our students perform various musical selections they have been working on this year. The usual COVID protocols of masks and distancing will apply. We look forward to being together and giving God glory for the abilities of our students!

2020 Tax Deduction Information

Parents, as you fill out your 2020 Tax Return, you should be aware that you may be eligible for a $1,000 tax deduction per dependent child that is enrolled in a nonpublic school such as St. John. Your tuition payments would qualify you for this deduction. In order to claim this deduction, you need to know that St. John’s school code is C985. The deduction code is 626. If you have questions, please check with your tax preparer or your tax preparation software.

Tax Reform and St. John Tuition

One of the provisions in the Tax Reform Act passed a couple years ago is that families can use their 529 accounts to pay for K-12 education and not just college education. This could be great news for those of you who already have a 529 account started. It’s also another great reason to start one of these accounts if you haven’t.

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Wellness Event

May 5 - 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

PPG – Family Medicine - 402 Sawyer Rd. - Kendallville

April 29 - 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

PPG - Family Medicine - 817 Trail Ridge Road - Albion

Appointments are required for all services. Walk-ins will be assisted to schedule an appointment for later time slot or on a different day. To make an appointment for the Care Mobile, call 1-877-774-8632.

Available services include: wellness visits, flu shots, immunizations, screenings (hearing, vision, developmental), point of care testing (lead, strep, urine), childhood health and safety education, and free oral hygiene kits! All services are available for children 0-18 years.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile delivers no-charge services to families without medical insurance. Families with medical insurance are also welcome.

ILEARN State Test is Coming

The ILEARN state test covers reading and math (grades 3-8), science (grades 4 and 6 only), and social studies (grade 5 only). Our testing will began tomorrow - April 27 - and will conclude May 11 (pending delays and make-up tests). We do ask parents to do their best to avoid scheduling appointments during the test window so that we can limit the number of make-up tests we need to give.


Any youth in 6th – 12th grade is invited to join the St. John Youth Group – School of Life. If you have any questions, contact Nick Hayden @ 260-343-0561 or stuartlem@hotmail.com. Join the Fun!!

Creation Museum Explore Summer Camps

Summer camps for children to explore science…with real scientists…run by the Creation Museum just south of Cincinnati, OH. Age 11 or up. All of the following take place at the Creation Museum:

June 14-18 or July 12-16 – 5-Day Camps. One topic per day including: Earth Science, Physical Science, Forensic Science, Zoology, Astronomy.

June – July 2 – A 3-Day Camp to explore Forensic Science.

July 21-23 – A 3-Day Camp to explore Teach Me Automation [STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics]

July 26-July 30 – Explore an Authentic Dinosaur Dig Run by the Creation Museum. Age 12 and up. Takes place in Glendive, Montana. A 5-Day, once in a lifetime excursion!

Details at CreationMuseum.org/explore.

Fitness Fact

“The Pacer” is the test used to evaluate cardio-respiratory endurance, or aerobic capacity. It is more compact and easier to administer than the 1 mile run and gives results that are just as accurate. Students run continuous lengths of the gym following a given cadence. This cadence gets faster every time 7 lengths are completed. *My personal opinion: I believe that it also tests grit—if a student can learn to push themselves in running, that perseverance will open many more doors for him in the future. Some students choose to stop running long before they are “out of gas” while others use up every bit of energy they have.

Fundraiser Food Delivery Reminder

Items will be delivered Wednesday, May 12 and will be brought to your car when picking up your child(ren) whenever possible. . PLEASE CONTACT MRS. THIEM IF YOU ARE AVAILBLE TO HELP WITH THE DISTRIBUTION ON WEDNESDAY. THANK YOU!!!



Mrs. Kneller (speech), Mrs. Spaw (Title I Reading), Mrs. Housholder (Special Needs), Ms. Robinson (Inter-School Mail delivery), and Mr. Faulkner (shuttle bus to EN Middle School driver)


Graduation for the 8 members of our Class of 2021, will be held on Monday, May 24, at 6:30. We look forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our graduates and sending them off with God’s blessings. Additional information will be shared regarding the COVID protocols for this event.

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as SHINE Students last week: Naomi Schroeder, Alli Butler, Caydren Sams, Chase Ryan, Teegyn Schmidt, Evan Huelsenbeck, Zaylei Gerber, Krista Hamann, and Mason Wysong. We give thanks to God for students who let their light shine before others.

St. John Students Stay in Shape This Summer

Get ready for St. John’s Summer Enrichment Program! Students can participate by tracking reading minutes, physical activity minutes, and skills workbook pages. It is now too late to order a Summerbook through the school and save shipping fees, but you are still able to order on your own. All the students who participate in this summer program will be able to participate in the special recognition party once school begins in the fall.

E-Mail Update

If you have changed your e-mail address since the beginning of this school year, please be sure we have the corrected address. We keep an ongoing list of this vital way to contact parents! Thanks!

26 – May 2, 2021

Monday, April 26

3:00 – 4:30 – Track Practice

Tuesday, April 27 - ILEARN

8:15 – Chapel

Wednesday, April 28 – I LEARN

3:00 – 4:30 – Track Practice

Thursday, April 29 – ILEARN

5:00 – Track Meet @ Concordia Seminary Track

7:00 - Worship Service

Friday, April 30 - ILEARN

Saturday, May 1

Sunday, May 2

8:00 - Worship in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Bible Classes and Sunday School

10:30 – Worship in the Worship Center

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