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Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 08 February 2021


St. John Lutheran School

February 8, 2021 Number 24

Principal’s Pen

Greater love has no one than this,

that someone lay down his life for his friends. John 15:13

This is the Family Memory Verse for the month of February. We invite you to learn this verse together as a family.

Somewhere back in 6th, or 7th, or 8th grade, I remember reading the story of Damon and Pythias. The story is ancient Greek historical legend and focuses on the friendship of the two men. Pythias, accused of trying to overthrow the tyrant king, is thrown in jail awaiting his execution. Damon agrees to take his place in jail so that he can go and say goodbye to his family. The king allows this, with the pledge to kill Damon if Pythias does not return. I won’t spoil the ending, but you can read it here (https://bit.ly/3rm4O3G).

Needless to say, the story is a powerful example of the love of two friends, including the willingness to die for a friend. I always think of this story when I come across John 15:13.

Rarely would we ever encounter a time when we would have to actually die for a friend. But, I believe, we can expand our understanding of this verse. Dying for a friend includes anything I do that puts my friend before me. When I wake up early to make my wife coffee, it’s a small act of dying for her. When I stay up late to talk with our oldest son, even though I’m tired and have to get up early the next day, it’s a small act of dying for him. When you help your elderly neighbor shovel her driveway, it’s a small act of dying for her. When your oldest child agrees to play your youngest child’s favorite game instead of the game he wants to play, it’s a small act of dying for her.

True love is putting the needs of another before your own. The greatest example we have, of course, is Jesus’s death on the cross. But, we have opportunity daily to lay down our life for our friends.

Pajama Day This Wednesday

Our reward for meeting our school goal of collecting 100 pounds of school supplies for Ascension Lutheran School during Lutheran Schools Week was a Pajama Day and treat. We are doing PJ Day this Wednesday, Feb. 10. Students and staff may wear PJs that day and will receive a small treat to enjoy at school. If you haven’t heard, we collected 193 pounds of school supplies! Thanks for your generous support in blessing with the students of Ascension with these supplies!

No School THIS Friday

There will be no school, and no Learning at Home, this Friday, Feb. 12. Our teachers will be participating in a professional development day with other teachers from around the Fort Wayne area. In addition to worshipping together, we will attend 3 sessions on various topics (all done virtually).

No Bus Service on Monday

East Noble schools will not be in session on Monday, February 15, so there will

be NO bus service that day.

St. John Showcase 2021!!

One of the highlights of the year is SHOWCASE, our annual talent show and display of projects. This is such an important opportunity for our students to share their God-given abilities. We will hold SHOWCASE virtually this year. Students will still be able to share a talent act as well as a collection or special projected, created at school or at home. We will record all performances at school. All of the details and the sign-up sheet were sent home last week. Deadline to enter is THIS Friday, February 12. The SHOWCASE 2021 Video Premiere will go live Friday, March 5, at 6:30.

2020 Tax Deduction Information

Parents, as you fill out your 2020 Tax Return, you should be aware that you may be eligible for a $1,000 tax deduction per dependent child that is enrolled in a nonpublic school such as St. John. Your tuition payments would qualify you for this deduction. In order to claim this deduction, you need to know that St. John’s school code is C985. The deduction code is 626. If you have questions, please check with your tax preparer or your tax preparation software.

Tax Reform and St. John Tuition

One of the provisions in the Tax Reform Act passed a couple years ago is that families can use their 529 accounts to pay for K-12 education and not just college education. This could be great news for those of you who already have a 529 account started. It’s also another great reason to start one of these accounts if you haven’t.

Kids Heart Challenge 2021 – That’s a wrap!

This is a year to remember! With 53 students leading the way, our school family passed the goal of $4500 and raised $5621.79! This family definitely has a heart for helping others! So many students went above and beyond, but there are three that I would like to highlight here.

Former student Anna Bodie continues to fundraise for the American Heart Association through St. John, and raised over $1200 this year--an all-time high for Anna!

Following in her footsteps is third grader, Chase Ryan who raised an amazing $315.00!

Another facet of KHC is the educational programs, and Danica Sattison took full advantage of these by completing all 9 levels of Finn’s challenge which included first aid and CPR training!

In addition, 3rd grade won a special PE day by raising an average of $72.89 per student, more than any other class, and 8th grade also earned a free day with over 62% of the students in that class participating in the fundraiser.

Thank you to everyone for your efforts this year, in 2 weeks you made a huge impact! We also want to give a special thank you to Mrs. Karen Parks of Sweet Tooth Chocolates for helping us celebrate by providing a chocolate heart treat for all for all the students to enjoy. All in all, I would say this is a pretty amazing family to be a part of!

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Wellness Event

February 18 and March 24

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

PPG – Family Medicine

402 Sawyer Rd. - Kendallville

Appointments are required for all services. Walk-ins will be assisted to schedule an appointment for later time slot or on a different day. To make an appointment for the Care Mobile, call 1-877-774-8632.

Available services include: wellness visits, flu shots, immunizations, screenings (hearing, vision, developmental), point of care testing (lead, strep, urine), childhood health and safety education, and free oral hygiene kits! All services are available for children 0-18 years.

The Ronald McDonald Care Mobile delivers no-charge services to families without medical insurance. Families with medical insurance are also welcome.

G-O-O-D L-U-C-K, B-E-N !!!

Best of luck to Ben Reed who will represent our school in the Noble & LaGrange Counties Spelling Bee on Tuesday, February 9. The Bee starts at 5:00 and will be held in the Prairie Heights High School Auditorium. Good luck, Ben!!

Run Hard Rest Well Retreat

Do you RUN HARD? Between work, home, family, friends, community, and church, is your To-Do list never done? Are you worn, weary, and wounded?

Do you REST WELL? Do you know that rest is Biblical and true rest refreshes you to run hard once again?

Please join us on Saturday, Feb. 13, for a Run Hard Rest Well Retreat (www.runhardrestwell.org) at St. John from 9:00-12:00. In this retreat, you will learn about and experience the 4 rhythms of Biblical rest: sleep, sabbath, stillness, and solitude. You will be uplifted. You will be connected – to God and others. You will be refreshed. Feel free to bring a friend and enjoy this time together! Please call the church office at 260-347-2158 to register.

Re-enrollment for 2021-2022

Information on re-enrolling your children has been sent home and email reminders are going out weekly. We encourage all of our families to complete the re-enrollment process promptly. Applications for new students are now being accepted.

Filling the Empty Seat

We have an empty seat for your friend, neighbor, or relative. Who do you know that would benefit from a Lutheran Christian education at St. John? Who do you know that could be blessed in the same way your kids are? You are our best advertising!

Please tell others about St. John and encourage them to contact Mr. Walz (260-347-2444 or twalz@stjohneagles.org) to learn more about the school or to schedule a personal tour.

Free Lunches Continue

St. John has been approved to continue providing free breakfasts and lunches to all students for the remainder of this school year. Extra milks for breakfast or lunch and Extended Care snacks are not eligible for this program and will be billed to the families.

Chapel Offerings

Chapel worship is every Tuesday and our students have the opportunity to bring in an offering in Thankfulness to God for His many blessings. This trimester our offerings go to support Ascension Lutheran School in Gary, IN. Ascension is a new school, started in 2017, that is providing a vital ministry in the heart of Gary.

Fitness Fact

Are you getting enough sleep? Not getting enough quality sleep each night can increase your risk of obesity, high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease and overall cardiovascular disease. It can also affect your job, interaction with your family and your overall health. (AHA)

At Home Faith Activity

Parents! Grandparents! Anyone who cares for a young child! Beginning Sunday, February 7th, the St. John Board of Christian Education will begin providing “Growing Faith Bags” to any family that would like one. What’s in the “Growing Faith Bag”?

• A full set of instructions for a 20-30 minute growth in faith time for parents or grandparents and young children. Instructions will include how to:

• Access an online video “Faith Talk”.

• Access an online sing-along song based on that month’s theme.

• Complete a family craft activity. Most required craft items will be in the

Bag. (We won’t include things like scissors or common household items.)

• Additional ideas to explore the theme for the month.

• Information about how your child or children is growing in faith and maturity.

We are beginning with a focus on young children (In or near the age 3-6 range).

Bags can be sent home with your child, or picked up at St. John Church office during the week or on Sunday morning. We will also cheerfully deliver the bag to your home if that is preferred.

Currently we intend to produce two bags each month based on a theme for that month.

Questions? Please contact DCE Paul Wendt (pwendt@stjohneagles.org, 260-347-2158) or Mr. Vernie Scheiber (vscheiber@stjohneagles.org). If you’d like to help in producing this resource, please contact us as well!

Follett Book Fair

St. John will be hosting an online Follett Book Fair in the coming weeks. Huge thanks to Summer Moser for serving as chairperson once again! Watch the Banner and your email for the details on when the Book Fair begins and how to order!

These students and their families, prayed for this

week: Lilly Moser, Ben Reed, Addison

Hampshire, and Cayden Hulbert

February 8 – 14, 2021

Monday, February 8

Tuesday, February 9

8:15 – Chapel

5:00 – County Spelling Bee

Wednesday, February 10

Thursday, February 11

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, February 12 – No School

Saturday, February 13

9:00 – 12:00 – Run Hard Rest Well Retreat

Sunday, February 14

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

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