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Banner #9; 2020-2021

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 12 October 2020


St. John Lutheran School

October 12, 2020 Number 9

The Principal’s Pen

We’re 8.5 weeks into the new school year and I have greatly appreciated all of the adjustments that our teachers, staff, students, and families have made due to COVID. Keeping track of masks, learning a new drop-off and pick-up procedure, not being able to enter the building and be a part of your child’s day, and missing some special school activities have made this year a challenge. Yet, here we are, in the building, in the classrooms, having face-to-face instruction and doing many things that seem like ‘normal’ school!

Although the state has moved to Stage 5 and the mask mandate is up once again for expiration or renewal this week, I am not ready to make changes to our plan just yet. We need to be watchful in these weeks following Fall Break travel. The recommendations from local and national health officials still recommend all of the things that we have been doing successfully. The warnings about the possibility/likelihood of increasing cases with cold weather and the flu season are real. There is still a need to persevere with our precautions! We’re tired, but now is not the time to give up.

Having said that, I will be involved in conversations in the weeks ahead to determine what changes we can begin to make if we continue on a healthy path. We all look forward to those days, but we all look forward even more to being healthy. So, for now, I encourage you to:

wear your mask,

wash your hands,

maintain physical distance, and

stay home if you are sick!

Fritters Are Coming!!

There’s no Apple Festival this year, but there will be Apple Fritters! Retirement can’t keep Mr. Scheiber away from the fritter kettles and so we are planning to sell fritters on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17 & 18 at St. John and on the SW corner of Highway 6 and Highway 3 North. We will also be selling Nelson’s chicken on Saturday, Oct. 17. So, you can get a full meal! You can pre-order and pre-pay at https://form.jotform.com/202524402258043 and your order will be waiting for you when you arrive at the time you choose. We will also do drive-up sales. We are also planning to do pre-orders and pre-pays to allow for cashless pick-up. Finally, we will also be offering virtual fritters (donations – not as tasty, but healthier!).

We are still in need of workers on Oct. 17-18 to help make this a reality. Please fill out the form that was sent home before Fall Break and return it this week. Just like the regular Apple Festival, we need help from all school families and many others from the church and community to make this work. We look forward to the same delicious fritters sold in a new way!

Butter Braid Sale

Our annual Butter Braid sale begins this week and continues through Monday, October 26. The sale is strictly voluntary. Proceeds benefit our school. Delivery of frozen loaves will be on Wednesday, November 11. Keep this sale in mind when making your pre-holiday preparations and support our school!


Extra Lego Bricks?

Our Extended Care program is looking for Lego’s that are no longer wanted at your home. The hope is to get enough to bag them for individual student use for COVID safety. If you have some you would love to have out of your house, please send them our way! Thank you!

Paper Banners By Request Only

The Banner can be accessed on our website (www.stjohneagles.org) and is posted on ParentsWeb (https://sjl-in.client.renweb.com/pw/). If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the Banner please let the office know and we will gladly send a copy home with your child.

School Pictures

School pictures have been scheduled for THIS Thursday, October 15. Picture Re-take Day has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 11. This year we will again be using Derby Photography for our class pictures and yearbook services. All students in our school will be pictured during their normal class time. Order forms were email home before Break and paper copies are going home today. Thank you, Daphne Gaff, for offering to help for this event!!!

Little Saints Night – Trunk or Treat

Our usual Trick-or-Treat alternative, Little Saints Night, is being modified to a Trunk or Treat event. Cars/Trunks will be decorated and the owners will hand out candy to our costumed friends. Masks will be required of all those participating aged 2 and older. The event will be Saturday, Oct. 31, from 3:30-4:30.

In order to make this event a reality, we need helpers! We need at least 15 cars signed up to give out candy by Tuesday, Oct. 27. We also need donations of candy. Please call the office at 347-2444 or email Mrs. Thiem or Mr. Walz (cthiem@stjohneales.org or twalz@stjohneagles.org) to sign up. Please send in candy donations to the school office.

No School – Learning at Home

Friday, Oct. 30, is a No School – Learning at Home day. This is a planned day in which the teachers will be participating in Professional Development. In the morning we will be mapping and aligning our curriculum and in the afternoon we will be learning how to use our STAR test scores to guide our teaching in the classroom. Students will have lessons posted at https://sites.google.com/a/stjohneagles.org/student/ by 9:00 that morning.

Yearbooks Available

Yearbooks from the 2019-20 school year are here and are available in the office for $15.00 each. First come-first served. Checks should be made payable to St. John PTL.

Hot Lunch – IMPORTANT News

St. John has just been approved to provide free breakfasts and lunches to all students! Every child is eligible to receive a free breakfast and a free lunch each school day. Students will sign up in the morning as usual. Extra milks, single milks ordered with brought-from-home lunch, and Extended Care snacks are not a part of this program and will still be billed to the family. This program began Monday, Sep. 21, and will continue until Friday, Dec. 18. Additionally, this program is retroactive back to the start of the school year. Please watch for additional details on refunding any payments you have made for meals this year.

If you have questions please contact Mr. Walz, Mrs. Thiem, or our Food Service Director, Breanne Weber at bweber@stjohneagles.org

Drug Awareness Webinar

No matter how young your child is, it is important to understand what the current dangers are in the area of drug abuse. The Lutheran Foundation is sponsoring a drug awareness webinar on Thursday, Oct. 22, from 12:00-1:00. You can learn more about the webinar and register for it at https://lookupindiana.org/worth-the-effort

Although the webinar is in the middle of the day and may be hard to attend, I know that it will present you with some valuable information. The additional resources found on the Look Up Indiana website are also worth looking at.

Yummy mini M & M Tubes available in the

office for anyone who would then like to use the empty tube to collect quarters for shipping for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. Just ask!


These students and their families,

prayed for this week:

Silas Gaff, Bayleigh Gibson, Max Harlan, Shaylee Herendeen, and Luke Hobart

SHINE Students

of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student the week before Fall Break: Danica Sattison, Jonah Slater, Karson Butler, Corinne Murphy, Mataya Justice, and Kali Spaw. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Fitness Fact

Feeling stressed lately? Exercise can help! As much as it may stress you out just to think about exercising, once you actually start working out, you’ll experience less stress in every part of your life. “Exercise produces a relaxation response that serves as a positive distraction,” says Cedric Bryant, chief exercise physiologist for the American Council on Exercise. He says it also helps elevate your mood and keep depression at bay. Those are some pretty terrific perks! (webmd.com)

PE Still Outdoors

We are continuing to hold PE outdoors. Students should come prepared with a sweatshirt, hoodie, or light jacket on cool days. We do not want students to get sick from being outside in the cold. But, the benefits of the cool air, being outside, and being active far outweigh the negatives. We will continue to evaluate the balance between outside activity and the temperature and move PE inside when necessary. For now, please be sure to have layers on PE days!

No Halloween Celebrations

Our school does not have Halloween parties. Too many things commonly associated with Halloween conflict with our Christian beliefs. We will instead have Fall or Thanksgiving parties in some of our classrooms.

SGO Donations – A Double Blessing!

Your gift to The Lutheran SGO on behalf of St. John blesses our church and school and blesses you! The blessing for our church and school comes as tuition assistance funds to help needy families send their kids to receive a Christian education here at St. John. A number of our students have received these scholarships over the past few years. The blessing for the donor is that half of your gift is returned to you in the form of a credit on your Indiana state taxes. Donations can come from individuals or businesses and can be cash, stock, and even things like corn and soybeans! You can give online at www.lutheransgo.org or paper donation forms are available in the office. See Mr. Walz or Mrs. Thiem for more information on this opportunity to be a double blessing!

Are you packing your shoebox? OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD uses simple, gift-filled shoe boxes to let hurting children know they are loved and to share the message of the greatest gift they can ever receive – Jesus Christ.

The collection of these shoeboxes will be upon us before we know it – the week of November 16th.

For now, continue to collect new items suitable for a shoebox for a needy child. Most of the children who receive these boxes have never before received a gift, so even the smallest of items to us is such a blessing to them! Mrs. Thiem can provide lots of ideas for you, and brochures about the project will be coming home with your student next week.

Collection day is coming and boxes will leave

For a journey across rivers, countries, and seas.

They’ll travel on buses, on boats and on planes,

On trucks and on mule carts, elephants and trains.

Each box that departs on this journey of love

Takes a small bit of money and some help from above.

There’re obstacles – like customs – to run boxes thru

Contents to declare. Weight limits, too.

Operation Christmas Child is asking for you

To partner, again, to get boxes through.

To the kids that are desperate to know someone cares

Their lives forever changed because you have shared.

Nine dollars per box for shipping we need

If you’ve not helped by giving items maybe this plea you’ll heed.

Your gift, clearly marked, can be placed in the plate

Or delivered to the office if you want to participate.

You can get some tax credit from Samaritan’s Purse –

The ministry led by Franklin Graham the boxes to disburse

Anything else that you think fits the bill

Can be placed in the collection box each month as well.

Near door number four you’ll find it on the floor

Just lift its lid and fill it galore!!

Cathy Thiem,

Operation Christmas Child Coordinator

The Week Ahead - October 12 – 18, 2020

Monday, October 12

Tuesday, October 13

8:15 – Chapel[

Wednesday, October 14

Thursday, October 15

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, October 16

Saturday, October 17

9:00-5:00 – Apple Fritters and Nelson’s Chicken Sale

Sunday, October 18

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

9:00-5:00 – Apple Fritters Sale

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