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Banner #8; Sept. 28, 2020

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 28 September 2020


St. John Lutheran School

September 28, 2020 Number 8

The Principal’s Pen

What does this mean?….It’s a questions Lutherans often ask, modeled after the question Martin Luther frequently asked in his Catechism. Whether you are deeply connected to the Lutheran faith or another form of Christianity, we can all learn and grow in faith. This second installment of a new monthly feature serves to share one of the distinctive beliefs that we as Lutherans hold, for the purpose of building us all up in the faith.

Lutherans believe that the Bible is the inerrant (without error) word of God. Other Christian faiths believe that, too. It becomes important to go deeper into what that means to truly understand the Lutheran viewpoint.

One perspective of the Bible is that it contains truth from each person’s perspective. The problem with this belief is that the Bible now means different things to each person. “I have my truth and you have your truth.” This also means that the Bible changes from time to time and situation to situation. Another perspective of the Bible is that it contains some truth. The problem with this belief is that everyone decides which parts are true and which parts are not.

Lutherans believe that God inspired each and every word of the Bible. The Holy Spirit led men to write down what God authored. In this understanding, the Bible is true for all people everywhere throughout space and time. One of the challenges with this understanding is that the Bible presents us with some difficult passages. When we encounter these difficult passages, it is important to remember that the Bible is God’s truth. We may not like it and it might put us in difficult situations. But, the truth of God’s Word is always for our good.

All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:16-17

St. John School Family,

It has been a privilege and a special blessing from God to serve in the teaching ministry here at St. John for the last thirty-four years. I have seen God at work in the lives of His people as He has grown and strengthened our school. I have experienced the joy of daily working with faithful Christian teachers and staff who love to serve their Lord. I have enjoyed partnering with parents in providing their children with a Christ-centered education. Best of all, I have enjoyed that interaction with children in helping them learn new things and to understand what it means to live as God's people.

I thank my wife and daughters for their support and understanding throughout the years, especially during those when I served both as principal and teacher. The working hours associated with these roles extend into the nights and weekends, and they made sacrifices that enabled me to carry out those responsibilities.

As I adjust to retirement, I thank all of you for your words of congratulations and best wishes, thoughtful gifts, expressions of thanks, and prayers. Most of all, I thank God for calling me into the teaching ministry and enabling me to serve among you.

In Christ,

Vernie Scheiber

Fritters Are Coming!!

There’s no Apple Festival this year, but there will be Apple Fritters! Retirement can’t keep Mr. Scheiber away from the fritter kettles and so we are planning to sell fritters on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 17 & 18 at St. John and at a location on Highway 6. We will also be selling Nelson’s chicken on Saturday, Oct. 17. So, you can get a full meal! We are also planning to do pre-orders and pre-pays to allow for cashless pick-up. And, we will also be offering virtual fritters (donations – not as tasty, but healthier!). All of the sale details will be coming soon!

At this point, we need to line up workers to help make this a reality. We will be preparing the apples during Fall Break, on Tuesday, Oct. 6, from 1:00-5:00. We will also need workers for the sales weekend. Please fill out the form that is coming home today and return it this week. Just like the regular Apple Festival, we need help from all school families and many others from the church and community to make this work. We look forward to the same delicious fritters sold in a new way!

Dawsyn Sams, little sister of Caydren Sams, who was recently diagnosed with a heart defect;

These students and their families will be prayed for this week:

Emmalinn Bond, Terryn Bowman, Hadley Buwalda, Carson Hoon, and Kinlee Frey

Welcome, Abel and Olivia!

We welcome back to St. John three-day preschooler, Abel Warner, and his little sister, Olivia, who joins our two-day preschool class. Welcome back, Abel, and welcome aboard, Olivia!! We are glad to have you with us!

Extra Lego Bricks?

Our Extended Care program is looking for Lego’s that are no longer wanted at your home. The hope is to get enough to bag them for individual student use for COVID safety. If you have some you would love to have out of your house, please send them our way! Thank you!

Paper Banners By Request Only

The Banner can be accessed on our website (www.stjohneagles.org) and is posted on ParentsWeb (https://sjl-in.client.renweb.com/pw/). If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the Banner please let the office know and we will gladly send a copy home with your child.

School Pictures

School pictures have been scheduled for Thursday, October 15. Parents of 4-year old preschool students that meet on M-W-F may bring their child to school on the 15th for Picture Day. Or, if you prefer, Picture Re-take Day has been scheduled for Wednesday, November 11, and preschool parents may choose to wait until that day. This year we will again be using Derby Photography for our class pictures and yearbook services. All students in our school will be pictured during their normal class time. Order forms will be sent home with students as soon as we receive them. We will need a parent or two as volunteers for this event. Please let Mrs. Thiem know that you are interested!! THANK YOU!!!

Yearbooks Available

Yearbooks from the 2019-20 school year are here and are available in the office for $15.00 each. First come-first served. Checks should be made payable to St. John PTL.

Hot Lunch – IMPORTANT News

St. John has just been approved to provide free breakfasts and lunches to all students! Every child is eligible to receive a free breakfast and a free lunch each school day. Students will sign up in the morning as usual. Extra milks, single milks ordered with brought-from-home lunch, and Extended Care snacks are not a part of this program and will still be billed to the family. This program began Monday, Sep. 21, and will continue until Friday, Dec. 18. Additionally, this program is retroactive back to the start of the school year. Please watch for additional details on refunding any payments you have made for meals this year.

If you have questions please contact Mr. Walz, Mrs. Thiem, or our Food Service Director, Breanne Weber at bweber@stjohneagles.org

Learning at Home Plan

A couple of weeks ago we sent home both paper and email copies of our Learning at Home Plans. These plans highlight student, parent, and expectations for Learning at Home. There are several situations in which we will have students learning at home and we want to communicate now what that will look like. Please look for this information if you haven’t already seen it.

No Halloween Celebrations

Our school does not have Halloween parties. Too many things commonly associated with Halloween conflict with our Christian beliefs. We will instead have Fall or Thanksgiving parties

in some of our classrooms.

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Barrett Klink, CC Knox, Clayton Christlieb, Kinlee Frey, Bernardo Gonzalez, Andrew McKinley, Violet Hobart, Bryston Williams, Brody Workman, Caydren Sams, and Teegyn Schmidt. We give thanks to God for these students who let

their light shine before others.

Butter Braids Coming

Hey, everyone! Remember those delicious fruit-filled bread loaves we have sold the last several years? Well, we’ve got them coming again! Due to popular request we will again sponsor a sale of these yummy loaves. How about a loaf for a dance teacher, mailman, etc. for a Christmas gift? Bake it yourself, or give it to them frozen to prepare when they see fit.

The sale will begin October 12 with delivery of frozen loaves November 11. Keep this sale in mind when making your pre-holiday preparations and plan now to support our school!

Fitness Fact

Did you know that exercise boosts brain power? Not only does exercise improve your body, it helps your mental function, says certified trainer David Atkinson. “Exercise increases energy levels and increases serotonin in the brain, which leads to improved mental clarity,” says Atkinson, director of program development for Cooper Ventures, a division of the Cooper Aerobics Center in Dallas. (webmd.com)

No School

October 5-9


Yummy mini M & M Tubes available in the

office for anyone who would then like to use the empty tube to collect quarters for shipping for Operation Christmas Chid shoeboxes. Just ask!

Travel Plans?

With Fall Break occurring next week, you might be considering travel plans. Considering COVID-19, I would strongly encourage you to think through those plans carefully. We do not have anything in our plan restricting families from travel (not that we could really do that) or about isolating or testing after travel in order to return to school. However, we know that exposure to different locations and groups of people do increase the chance of bringing sickness back to others here. If you are thinking about traveling, I ask you to carefully consider:

● What is the state of COVID-19 in this area? You don’t want to be taking the virus with you!

● What is the state of COVID-19 at your destination? If you are travelling to a hot spot you should reconsider.

● How will you be traveling? Planes still have higher risk than a car trip.

● How long is your trip? A day trip is lower risk than a week-long vacation.

● What will you be doing there? Outdoor activities, being mostly with your family, avoiding large crowds are lower risk. Spending a couple of days with many people at a theme park, water park, large city, cruise, or museum are higher risk.

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Walz. Our goal is for you and all our families to remain as healthy as possible!

The Weeks Ahead

September 28 – October 11

Monday, September 28

Tuesday, September 29

8:15 – Chapel

Wednesday, September 30

Thursday, October 1

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, October 2

Saturday, October 3

Sunday, October 4

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

Monday, October 5 – No School – Fall Break

Tuesday, October 6 – No School – Fall Break

1:00-5:00 – Apple peeling

Wednesday, October 7 – No School – Fall Break

Thursday, October 8 – No School – Fall Break

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, October 9 – No School – Fall Break

Saturday, October 10

Sunday, October 11

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

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