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Banner #19; January 14, 2019

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 14 January 2019


St. John Lutheran School

January 14, 2019 Number 19

Principal’s Pen

Have your New Year’s Resolutions already come and gone? It’s common to start the year with high hopes and strong resolve to make positive changes in our lives. But, old habits are hard to break and the best of intentions can often be waylaid by the comfort of old routines. Perhaps instead of making new year’s resolutions we should make new day’s resolutions.

Focusing on one big goal might be too much. Perhaps a more successful approach would be to focus on what change you can make for this day. Instead of making the new year’s resolution to lose 40 pounds, perhaps you can make the daily focus of swapping out pop for water, or adding a serving of fruit or vegetables to each meal, or avoiding salty snacks. Instead of making the new year’s resolution to clean out the house, perhaps you can make the daily resolution to clean off one shelf, or go through one pile, or take one load of stuff to Goodwill.

One approach that might help in this area is to use the phrase “Can I just….” This approach can work for those big resolutions we make and it might work for our kids as well. Instead of being overwhelmed with a huge task, what if we helped them break it down into small chunks? Instead of being overwhelmed with the task of cleaning up the entire bedroom, what if we said, “Today, can you just clean up your desk?” The next day we might say, “Can you just put away the clean clothes?” Often times our kids, or ourselves, will be willing to do just one thing. Sometimes, after completing that one thing, we might go on and do a little more. Soon enough, we’ll see that we’ve accomplished a big task.

There’s nothing wrong with new year’s resolutions. But, for some of us, making a new day’s resolution or breaking a big task down into smaller chunks might be more effective.

These students and their families, prayed for this week:

Ava DeCamp-Atz, Melissa Heileman, TJ Knox, Brayden Koehl, and Hunter Koehl

For Mrs. Scheiber and her family on the recent death of her mother

SCRIP: New Year, New Habit

Would you like free money? Do you shop at any of the following stores?

Walmart Arby’s Dairy Queen Pizza Forum

BP Dietrich’s Walgreens CVS

Applebees Home Depot Kohl’s Peachey’s

These are just a few of the retailers for which we stock scrip. When you purchase a SCRIP card a percentage of the face value is credited back to you. It really is that simple!

As we begin a new year, why not start forming a new habit of using SCRIP? All you have to do is stop in the office any time, purchase your SCRIP cards, and start saving money. The more you use SCRIP, the more you’ll save.

For those of you who have been using SCRIP, your balances for the last half of 2018 will soon be applied to the account of your choice.

Chapel Offerings

Chapel worship is every Tuesday and our students have the opportunity to bring in an offering in Thankfulness to God for His many blessings. This trimester our offerings go to mission work in Peru.

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Brody Workman and Lexy Kammerer

We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Parent-Teacher Conferences and Progress Reports This Week (& Next!)

Progress Reports will be given to parents at Parent-Teacher Conferences this Wednesday, January 16 or the following Tuesday, January 22. School will dismiss at 1:55 those days to allow a little extra time for conferences. Bus riders will be able to stay after school and ride the bus as normal. Parents should have received a notification of their scheduled time to meet with their child’s teacher(s) late last week. Please be on time for your conference, and please respect the 15 minute time limit as other parents will be waiting to meet the teacher after you have completed your visit. If a longer conference is needed, please arrange another time with the teacher. As we did during the 1st Trimester conferences, we also invite parents to stop at one of the tables around the building after their conferences to fill our short surveys for the teacher and Principal Walz.. We appreciate this feedback and the opportunity to grow. Thanks!

Re-enrollment for 2019-2020

It will soon be time to re-enroll for the 2019-2020 school year. Information for re-enrollment will come home on Monday, Jan. 21. We encourage all of our families to begin the re-enrollment process promptly as applications for new students will begin to be accepted on Monday, Jan. 28, following our first Open House.

St. John Open House

St. John will be hosting an Open House for the 2019-2020 school year on Sunday, Jan. 27, from 12:00 – 3:00 P.M. We are asking all families to invite a friend, neighbor, relative, or co-worker to visit St. John and learn more about our school. Invitation fliers are coming home with next week’s Banner. We will also have ads in the News-Sun and a direct mail card in the weeks ahead.

Also, we are looking for some additional help in promoting our Open House. We have posters available. If you have a business or frequent a business that would be willing to put up a poster advertising our Open Houses, please ask in the office for one. Or, if you would be willing to deliver posters to a few area businesses for us, please let us know in the office.

It is true that word of mouth advertising is our best form of advertising and we appreciate your help in spreading the word about St. John!

Save the Date – Vacation Bible School

St. John’s Vacation Bible School will be held the week of July 22-26, from 6:00-8:00 P.M. Mark your calendar and plan now to attend!

St. John Students Get Set to Serve

Last year, many Lutheran schools in the Fort Wayne area joined together in an offering challenge. St. John was the winner, with the highest per-student average offerings collected! This year, schools are joining together in a new competition, one which involves service hours completed at school! We are making plans for all of our students to participate in various service projects throughout this month. Some may be done in individual classrooms while others may involve classes coming together. If you have an idea for a meaningful service project, please let us know!

Science Fair

Inquiry, investigation, problem solving, research, time management, public speaking: all of these skills and more can be built through working on a Science Fair project! This is a great opportunity for children to explore an area that they are interested in. Information on the St. John Science Fair has been made available to students in grades 1-8. Your questions can be answered by your teacher or by our Science Fair chairperson, Don Schroeder. The projects will be due in February and the full schedule is available in the packet. We encourage all students to participate in this worthwhile event!

Fitness Fact (and Kid Heart Challenge)

Exercise strengthens the heart muscle so your cardiovascular system functions more effectively. The heart pumps more easily, builds up less plaque and becomes more efficient. When the heart becomes stronger, it pumps more blood per beat, so at rest, the heart rate is lower. Our students and staff at St. John just began the Kid Heart Challenge formerly called Jump Rope for Heart. Information was sent home with the students last Thursday. For the next 3 weeks we will be raising money for the American Heart Association while learning many ways to live a heart healthier life. Contact me (Mrs. Barr) if you have any questions, or would like to donate. Last year our students worked so hard fundraising that St. John came in 16th for fundraising in Indiana! Wow!!

National Lutheran Schools Week

St. John, along with other Lutheran Schools around the country, will be celebrated the week of Jan. 27-Feb. 3. Special events are being planned for that week to help our students recognize the blessings we have at St. John. Watch for all the details to come home soon!

Apple Festival Help Needed

What???? Apple Festival? Apple Festival is in October!! Yes, we know, but we are getting a jump on two items:

1) We have lost our staple gun which is critical for the construction of our booth. Before we purchase another, we thought we’d inquire if someone has one laying around that they’d like to just be rid of. See Mrs. Thiem if you are that someone!

2) We will be raising our fritter price to $4.00 each. Therefore, all our signage needs to be updated. If you would like to take on that project, or would like more information about doing so, see Mrs. Thiem.

Ink Cartridge Collection – NOTE CHANGE

Do you work in a place that would allow you to put a box in a prominent place to collect used printer cartridges? If so, we’d appreciate your help in doing so! Mrs. Thiem is in charge of the collection here at St. John. Thanks for your help in keeping a bit of trash out of our landfill and helping our school earn money as well!

Currently this collection receives certain LASER CARTRIDGES. As of January 1st, we will no longer be able to redeem those. Those types of cartridges should be recycled through the instructions on your cartridge, or they can also be dropped off at Office Depot for recycling. See Mrs. Thiem if you have any questions! THANK YOU!!

14 – 20, 2019

Monday, January 14

4:15 – JV Girls Basketball game @SBL

5:30 – JV Boys Basketball game @SBL

Tuesday, January 15

8:15 – Chapel

3:00 – 4:30 – JV Girls Basketball Practice

Wednesday, January 16

1:55 – Early dismissal for Parent-Teacher Conferences

2:15 – 7:00 – Parent-Teacher Conferences

4:15 – JV Girls Basketball Game @ CON

5:30 – JV Boys Basketball Game @ CON

Thursday, January 17

3:00 – 4:30 – JV Girls Basketball practice

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, January 18

4:30 – 6:00 – JV Boys Basketball practice

Saturday, January 19

Sunday, January 20

8:00 – Worship Service in the


9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Contemporary Worship Service

in the Worship Center

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