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Banner #9, Oct. 16, 2017

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 16 October 2017


St. John Lutheran School

October 16, 2017 Number 9

The Principal’s Pen

I’d like to continue taking a look at the Reformation started by Martin Luther 500 years ago and what it means for us.



The work of Martin Luther is connected to 3 (or sometimes 4, 5, or 6) solas (Latin for alone). This week I’d like to consider Sola Scriptura. In Luther’s time Bibles were only found in churches and castles. Bibles were chained down because they were so valuable. The common person didn’t have one at home. Even if you could find a Bible you wouldn’t be able to read it unless you could read Latin. Because of this the only way people would know what was in the Bible is what they would learn from priests. If the priests weren’t teaching the right things the people wouldn’t be learning the right things. Luther was led to write his 95 Theses in order to start a discussion about things he read in the Bible that were different than what was being taught by the priests.

What about today? I don’t think it’s too different than Luther’s day. Our culture tells us that there are many truths out there and we can accept what we want as our truth. Scripture, however, tells us that “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness.” 2 Timothy 3:16 The Bible is God’s Word and is useful for all parts of our lives. We can be thankful that we have ready access to the Bible – most of us have the ability to carry one with us everywhere we go. in our pockets! But unless we open our Bibles it’s as if they were written in Latin.

Luther emphasized Sola Scripture because he knew the wealth of God’s truth for us. We, too, can carry on Luther’s work as we read God’s Word, learn from it, and let it guide our life!

Welcome, Gracelyn!

Last week we welcomed Gracelyn Perlich to our Tuesday-Thursday morning preschool class. We pray that Gracelyn and her family soon feel welcome and at home at St. John! (Gracelyn’s dad is a St. John alumni!)

Keep Your Kids Safe Online!

WHO: All St. John Parents and their friends

WHAT: A Presentation on Internet Safety

WHEN: Monday, Oct. 23, 6:30

WHERE: St. John Lutheran School – Worship Center

WHY: How much time do your kids spend online daily or weekly? For many, that number is significant. While there are many great ways to spend time online, there are also great dangers. All parents are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity to learn about the dangers online and how to set up safe boundaries for kids and families. Students are welcome to attend the evening presentation. The 3rd-5th graders will have a presentation at 12:30 and the 6th-8th graders at 1:35. Parents are also welcome to attend these presentations.

Butter Braids Sale

Our annual Butter Braid sale continues through Wednesday, October 25. The sale is strictly voluntary. Proceeds benefit our school. Delivery of frozen loaves will be on Wednesday, November 8. Keep this sale in mind when making your pre-holiday preparations and support our school!


Do You Know?

The percent of our school income for the 2017-2018 school year that comes from tuition is about:

A. 40% C, 60%

B. 50% D. 70%

If you don’t know the answer to this question, please plan now to attend any 1 of 3 “Funding the Ministry” Presentations. During these presentations Mr. Walz will inform you on how our school is funded and seek your input on how we can continue to be the best stewards of the resources God has provided us. The presentations will be Monday, Nov. 6, 6:30; Thursday, Nov. 9, 8:15 A.M.; and Sunday, Nov. 12, 1:00. All presentations will take place in the Worship Center. Because we feel that this information is so valuable for you to have, there will be 3 random drawings for $50 gift certificates (for SCRIP, lunch bill, or extended care bill) at each presentation!


These students and their families, prayed for this week:

Serenity Hayden, Evan Huelsenbeck, Lydia Hulbert, Nicole Kammerer, and Corinne Murphy

SHINE Students

of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Lexy Kammerer, Grace Palmer, Mikayla Bolinger, TJ Knox, Aiden Hoffman, Branson Klink, Alaina Andrews, and Braydon Schott. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Mad Ants Get Fit Challenge

Last week we welcomed the Mad Ant to St. John to kick off the Mad Ant Get Fit Challenge. This challenge encourages our students to spend 30 minutes per day being active. This involves any out-of-school activity. In return for being active for 30 minutes per day for 30 days, the students can earn a free ticket to a Mad Ants game (and discounted tickets for everyone else in the family). Details were sent home with the students. We encourage all of our students to participate in this great challenge!

Planned eLearning Day Coming

We will not have school on Friday, Oct. 27, as the teachers spend time in Professional Development activities. The teachers will spend the morning learning more about our STAR Assessments and related products. In the afternoon they will learn about writers’ workshop. We are going to use this day also as a planned eLearning day as a trial run to see whether using eLearning on the day school is canceled is possible for us. This will count as a day of school for us. Since we are trying this as if it was an eLearning day on the day school is canceled, our procedure will be a little different from our normal procedure:

• No yellow eLearning folders will be sent home on Thursday.

• School will not be open on Friday morning for students to work here.

• All assignments will be posted to our eLearnign website by 9:00 Friday morning.

• An email will be sent to parents by 9:00 with that website and other reminders.

• Teachers will be available by text, phone, and/or email all day on Friday.

• Students will be able to stay after school until 4:15 on Monday and Tuesday to use school computers and have assistance from teachers.

• All work will be due by 8:00 Wednesday morning.

We look forward to trying this option out and getting feedback from parents on how this goes. There will be a parent survey to gain your input. If this goes well we will use this type of eLearning make-up day in certain situations this coming winter.

No Halloween Celebrations

Our school does not have Halloween parties. Too many things commonly associated with Halloween conflict with our Christian

beliefs. We will instead have Fall or Thanksgiving parties in some of our classrooms.

Little Saint’s Night

Little Saint’s Night will be here before you know it and now is the time to begin gearing up. Plan now to attend this fun night of costumes, games, candy, food, and more. In fact, plan now to invite your friends to join you on Saturday, October 28, from 5:00 – 7:00. Contact the school office to volunteer to help. Lots of helpers are needed to run the games and other events. Also, we need each family to provide 2 bags of candy so that we have plenty of prizes to give to all our Little Saints! You may place your donation in the box in the gym. Special thanks to Destiny Jimenez for serving as chairperson of this event!

Academic Festival: November 11, 2017

The Academic Festival is a fun half day of academic “competitions” with other schools. The Festival will be held on Saturday, Nov. 11. We are looking forward to welcoming students from St. Mary’s, Avilla; St. Paul, Bremen; Trinity, Sturgis; and Emmaus, Ft. Wayne. Information is coming home with students regarding all of the events and how to sign up. Please ask if you do not see this information or if you have questions.

In order to make this great day possible we need parent and alumni help. We will start contacting those of you who signed up through the Volunteer Handbook. Additionally, if you are willing to help

please let the office know. We will have a schedule of

helpers available the week before the Academic


ATTENTION ALUMNI!!! We would gladly accept help at this year’s Academic Festival from former students and their parents! We know there are St. John graduates who enjoyed the Festival as students and now they can experience it on the other side of the table!! Contact Mrs. Thiem to offer your help!!

Do You Love Christmas?

While Halloween isn’t even here yet, we are thinking about Christmas! The Kendallville Christmas Parade is Saturday, Dec. 2, with the theme “Christmas Toyland”. We would love for St. John to be a part of the parade as we have been in the last few years. This is a great community event for us to participate in and a great opportunity for us to share the true meaning of Christmas with our community! In order to make this a reality, though, we are in need of a parent or group of parents to organize this effort. It doesn’t have to be a major production, and we can give guidance and assistance. Please contact the office if you are willing to help out!

Paper Banners By Request Only

The Banner can be accessed on our website (www.stjohneagles.org) and is posted on ParentsWeb (https://sjl-in.client.renweb.com/pw/). If you would still like to receive a paper copy of the Banner please let the office know and we will gladly send a copy home with your child.

SGO Donations – A Double Blessing!

Your gift to The Lutheran SGO on behalf of St. John blesses our church and school and blesses you! The blessing for our church and school comes as tuition assistance funds to help needy families send their kids to receive a Christian education here at St. John. A number of our students have received these scholarships over the past few years. The blessing for the donor is that half of your gift is returned to you in the form of a credit on your Indiana state taxes. Donations can come from individuals or businesses and can be cash, stock, and even things like corn and soybeans! You can give online at www.lutheransgo.org or paper donation forms are available in the office. See Mr. Walz or Mrs. Thiem for more information on this opportunity to be a double blessing!

T-Shirts for Sale

If you missed your chance at ordering a “WALK ON” St. John T-shirt, check with Mrs. Thiem. A few are available for purchase. Perhaps we have your size!!

Veteran’s Day Service – Friday, November 10th

We will be hosting a service to honor our servicemen and women, both active and veterans, on Friday, November 10th, at 10:00 a.m. Please invite family and friends who are serving, or have served, so we can express our thanks for their service to our country. A sheet of cards to pay tribute to those dear to us was sent home last week. PLEASE return your cards as soon as possible so they can be added to the display that has been created. Students are welcome to color the cards as they so choose. More cards are available for the asking. Please help us make this a special event for Veterans in our midst!

Operation Christmas Child

Please consider putting together a shoebox full of toys and school supplies for a needy child in another part of the world! This is a great way for you to teach your child the joy of giving! Don't forget to include a letter and even a picture if you'd like. All boxes should be delivered to the school office no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 20th. Unfortunately, any boxes delivered after that time will NOT be delivered as we have a strict deadline to meet. The child receiving your gift will be blessed with toys, but more importantly shown the love of Jesus through you!

Once again, St. John will serve as a Relay Collection Center for National Collection Week – the third week of November. If you would be willing to spend a few hours helping to collect boxes as they arrive and package them in shipping cartons, give Mrs. Thiem a call (347-2444) or stop by her office.

Mrs. Thiem spoke with students at chapel last week about the project and all students received a brochure which gives specific guidelines about the project. Empty shoeboxes are now available for the asking in the office. Students in selected grades may use this program as their classroom Christmas project in lieu of a gift exchange between students. Stay tuned for instructions from your child’s teacher.

The Week Ahead - October 16 – 22, 2017

Monday, October 16

3:00 – 4:30 – Jr. Spell Bowl

Tuesday, October 17

8:15 – Chapel

Wednesday, October 18

3:00 – 4:30 – Jr. Spell Bowl

7:00 – Confirmation Class

Thursday, October 19

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, October 20

8:30 – 12:30 – Preschool Field Trip to Keuhnert Dairy Farm

3:00 – 4:30 – Jr. Spell Bowl

3:30 – 5:00 – Varsity Volleyball Game

Saturday, October 21

Sunday, October 22

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

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