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Banner #1 August 14, 2017

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 15 August 2017


St. John Lutheran School

August 14, 2017 - Number 1

WELCOME TO THIS FIRST ISSUE OF OUR WEEKLY NEWSLETTER, THE BANNER. The Banner will be sent home with students each Monday (on Tuesday for morning two-day preschoolers). We hope that it will serve the purpose of keeping you informed about upcoming events and activities. Read it faithfully so that you know what is going on.

Our Mission

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year at St. John! I am thankful that you have chosen to have your child here at St. John. Our mission is to partner with you to provide a Christ-centered education that will nurture and develop your child in all areas of life.

In order to do that most effectively, the key word is partner. St. John is here to assist you in your God-given responsibility to “train up a child in the way he should go…” (Proverbs 22:6) Our teachers and staff members are committed to serving God by sharing His love with your child every day. As parents and students, you are expected to also share God’s love with others in the St. John family and beyond. Unfortunately, none of us do that perfectly. That means that there will be problems and hurts through the course of this year. The great thing is that, as we follow Jesus’ example and offer forgiveness and grace, God will restore these broken relationships and bring healing. Through the good times and the hard times we are still partners with the same purpose: the Christian education of your child.

I’m excited about the year! By God’s grace we will have a great year together as partners in your child’s education.

The Principal’s Pen

The Mayo Clinic offers the following benefits of walking:

• Maintaining a healthy weight.

• Prevent or manage certain conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure,

or diabetes.

• Strengthen bones and muscles.

• Improve your mood.

• Improve your balance and coordination.

I have experienced all of these benefits of walking. When I walk with my wife, we enjoy the added benefit of some quality time together and uninterrupted conversation!

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12

Our theme for the year is NEVER ALONE – WALK ON. Our theme verse from John 8 reminds us that when we walk with Jesus we are never alone. Just as there are benefits of regular walking, there are benefits of walking with Jesus:

• God’s love. John 3:16

• Peace that goes beyond our understanding. Philippians 4:7

• Forgiveness. Colossians 1:13-14

• Wisdom. James 1:5

• Protection. Psalm 5:11

Just how do we walk with Jesus and receive these blessings? Ultimately, the power comes from God. But, the following practices can help us grow in our walk with Jesus:

• Worship: Join us for Tuesday Chapel or our Sunday services or attend your own


• Read the Bible: Let God speak directly to you through His word.

• Devotions: By yourself, with your spouse, or with your family, a short devotion

can connect you with God.

• Pray: Talk to God and let Him talk to you.

I look forward to walking with you and your children this year at St. John. My prayer is that each one of us can walk more closely with Jesus this year, remembering that we are never alone!

New Arrival/Dismissal Procedures

Thank you to everyone for adjusting to our new arrival and dismissal procedures. A few reminders:

● Before-school care, morning bus riders, and after-school care students will ring the doorbell at door 5 and be buzzed into the building.

● Students arriving at 7:50 now enter the building at door 4 after being dropped off along the building or parking and walking in with a parent.

● Parents picking up for dismissal should enter at door 4 and then proceed to the gym to pick up your child.

● Parents leaving the building after arrival or dismissal can exit through door 4 or door 5.

Order Your St. John Shirt

Don’t miss out on your chance to have a cool NEVER ALONE – WALK ON theme t-shirt! We would like every student to have one of these shirts so that we can all wear them for field trips, school spirit days, and for other events. The absolute final day to order is Aug. 25 by 3:15 p.m. NO LATE ORDERS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Additional order forms are available in the office. Shirts are $8.00.

VERY IMPORTANT Back-To-School Night!

Please block the evening of Monday, September 11, on your calendar! We are changing the focus of this night from what we have done the past few years. We will begin at 6:00 with a parent meeting with Mrs. Walz in the Worship Center. Around 6:45 we will break out into the classrooms to learn more about our new science curriculum. We are excited to share more about this inquiry-based, hands-on science program. Students are expected to attend as they will be helping to demonstrate the science activities. The evening will be finished before 8:00. Please plan now to attend, and watch for more specific details in the weeks to come.

Please make this event a very important part of your calendar and make every effort to attend! Thank you!

RenWeb ParentsWeb

RenWeb is our school information system and ParentsWeb is the parent portal. You all used this for the online enrollment. But, there is much more available to you in ParentsWeb. Here are a few points to get you started:

● All communication in RenWeb happens through email. Any message we send you will come to your email inbox. To communicate with a teacher, just send them an email. All teachers have emails in the following structure: first initial last name @stjohneagles.org (ex: twalz@stjohneagles.org).

● There is a basic calendar on the ParentsWeb homepage.

● Under ‘School information’ – ‘Directory’ there are both family and staff directories.

● Under ‘School Information’ – ‘Resource Documents’ you will find our Parent Handbook and the weekly Banner.

● Under ‘Student Information’ – ‘Grades’ you will be able to see your child’s grades (in grades 3rd-8th) when they are entered by the teachers.

● Under ‘Student Information’ – ‘Attendance’ you will be able to see your child’s attendance record.

● Under ‘Family Information’ – ‘Family Billing’ you will be able to see your hot lunch account and extended care charges and make online payments to these accounts. (Please note: a NEGATIVE balance in your account reflects a credit. A POSITIVE balance in your account reflects charges to be paid.)

● The ParentsWeb site is: https://sjl-in.client.renweb.com/pw/ Our school code if SJL-IN. Your username and password are the ones you set up when you enrolled.

We hope that you will become familiar with ParentsWeb and use it regularly for these various uses and more!

Summer Enrichment Party

If you participated in our Summer Enrichment Program by working in your summer book, logging your reading minutes, and/or logging your physical fitness activity – WAY TO GO! Now you get to celebrate! Make sure you turn in your summer book or log sheets to the office by Friday, Aug. 18. Preschool – 5th grade students who participated should plan to join us on Friday, Aug. 25, from 3:00-4:30 for a party and prize ceremony. Middle School students will have a separate party. Special announcements will go home with students when their book or logs have been turned in. Parents, if you would like to help with this event please contact the school office!

Volunteer Handbook

At the Open Classroom night parents were able to pick up a Volunteer handbook. We hope you’ve had a chance to look through it and have found some areas that excite you about helping out with. We hope this handbook will help us partner with you to help make St. John even better. The events in the handbook are ones that we must have parent support from in order to make them successful. Please fill out and return the last page so that we know the areas you are interested in helping with. If you did not receive a Volunteer Handbook at the Open Classroom night, please pick one up in the office or ask the office to send one home. We look forward to receiving a form back from each St. John family!


We’re Glad You’re Here

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! Whether it is welcome back or you are new to St. John, we are glad that you are here. We as a staff are blessed to serve you and your children! We look forward to growing together as one family in Christ.

New students this year are:

Preschool Luke Hobart, Grace Hulbert, Trevor Conrad, AnnLarie Mossman, Max Harlan, Hadley Buwalda, Carson Hoon, Ethan Schowe, Andrew Stahl, Lillian Evers, and Elijah Lash, Aarylynn Willison

Kindergarten Chase Ryan, Teegyn Schmidt, Hugh Conrad, Corinne Murphy, Zaylei Gerber, Joshua Neuman, Olivia Hasting, and Krista Hamann

First Grade Christian Short, Addison Spriggs

Third Grade Alex Ormiston

Fourth Grade Aiden Hoffman

In Our Thoughts and Prayers……will be a weekly feature in the Banner. If you have a prayer request please notify your child’s teacher or Mrs. Thiem in the school office.

Miss Taylor and her family upon the sudden loss of her brother, Mark Farren

We pray for God to be with each of us as we begin a new school year growing in Him and praising His name!

Music, P.E., Library, Counseling, and Sports Begin

The keyboard, guitar, intermediate/advanced band, and intermediate/advanced strings music classes will begin this Wednesday, Aug. 16. Don’t forget your instruments! Students in 3rd grade will be introduced to the strings program and students in 4th grade will be introduced to the band program on Friday, Aug. 18. If you have children in these grades please watch for the information to come home on Friday. If you have questions, please see Mr. Walz.

Our P.E. classes will begin this week. We welcome back Mrs. Darcy Barr as our part-time P.E. instructor. Kindergarten through 3rd grade will have class two times per week and 4th through 8th grade will have class three times per week.

Miss Taylor and Mrs. Kratzman will continue sharing their love of books with our students in the library. Library classes will begin next week.

Our counseling partnership with Cross Connections also continues this year. Our counselor, Mrs. Sherman, will visit classrooms on Tuesday mornings to teach Christian character lessons. She is then available for individual counseling sessions in the afternoons. If you feel this is something that would be beneficial for your child, or would just like more information, please see Mr. Walz. Mrs. Sherman will begin August 22.

The 4th-8th grade girls JV and Varsity volleyball teams and the 4th-8th grade Jr. Varsity soccer team have all begin practicing and are headed toward their first games this week! Please see Mrs. Kline, our athletic director, or the office for schedules and other information. Both of these sports provide great exercise, the opportunity to learn new skills, and fun with friends.

Important Reminders

• Please remember to call the school when your child will be tardy or absent for the day. We do report the number of excused and unexcused absences to the state at the end of the year. Excused absences result from illness, seeking medical care, family emergencies, and other unique situations approved by the principal. Family vacations will be recorded as “unexcused”. More details can be found in the school handbook.

• Remember to use the sign-in/sign-out sheet - LOCATED IN THE FRONT OFFICE ON MISS YOUNG’S (Mrs. Thiem’s sister!) desk if your child arrives late or leaves early. Students arriving late must sign the sheet and get a late pass before going to their classroom. Students who need to be picked up early must be accompanied by a parent who then signs the sheet before leaving the building.

• For the safety of our students and staff, our building is locked once arrival is complete. Access to the building during the day should be at door #1, where you can ring the doorbell and be buzzed in by the secretaries. Anyone visiting our school during the school day should sign in on the proper sheet in the office.

• Parents are welcome to eat lunch with their child. In order to be included in the lunch count for the day, if you want to order a school lunch, please notify the kitchen or the office by 8:00 A.M.

• Your child’s spiritual growth is important to us! We encourage you to regularly attend your church and take advantage of the opportunities to grow in faith as a family. If you don’t have a church home we would love to have you worship with us. We have traditional worship services on Thursday night at 7:00 P.M. and Sunday mornings at 8:00. We have contemporary worship Sunday mornings at 10:30 A.M. Sunday School for children and adults is held at 9:15. Parents are also welcome to join us for our all-school devotion time on Monday at 8:35 and for our chapel service on Tuesdays at 8:10 in the Worship Center.

• We are planning to begin school at 8:30 on Mondays as we have in the past rather than following East Noble with an 8:45 start. We use this time to plan events, share resources, and have professional development.

continued next page…….

• In order to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, and to maximize their learning time, we will be asking parents to help us avoid disruptions to the classrooms. If you need to drop off a forgotten lunch, backpack, instrument, book, or anything else, please do so in the office. The secretaries can then determine the best time to deliver the item to your child.

• If your plans change during the day and you need to communicate with your child, please call the school office. Mrs. Thiem and Miss Young can notify your child’s teacher. Emailing or texting the teacher may not be seen as the teachers are busy teaching your children and can’t always check their messages during the day.

Food Service Program News

Information about our Food Service Program can be found in the “Food Services Handbook” in the back of our Parent Handbook or by contacting Melissa Murphy, our Food Service Director. Breakfast prices are $1.25 with the reduced price of $.30. Lunch will be served for $2.25; $.40 for reduced. Adult lunch price is $3.30. Afterschool Snack price is $.65 or $.15 for reduced.

If you want more information on the free and reduced lunch program please contact Mrs. Murphy or pick up an application from the school office. The government reimburses our program over and beyond the cost of the meal for free and reduced students. If you feel you qualify for either of these, I strongly urge you to take advantage of this. All applications and decisions are completely confidential.

Milk is included as part of hot lunch. Additional milks can be consumed at lunch or morning break. The price for milk is $.45 cents per carton. Preschoolers and kindergartners have milk during their snack time.

Lunch menus will be sent home with children before the start of each month. We operate under the guideline that ALL MEALS WILL BE PAID FOR IN ADVANCE. Please consult the page entitled “St. John Food Service Charging Policy” in the handbook for more information. According to this policy, parents will be notified when their balance reaches $0.00. Parents are then expected to make payments to avoid a negative balance. Please make every effort to make prompt payment of milk and lunch bills. Thank you!

Solar Eclipse

Next Monday, Aug. 21, the United States will experience the first total solar eclipse since 1991 (although I’ve seen different dates for solar eclipses, in part because there are different types). While we are not in the path of totality, we will experience the eclipse. We believe this will be a valuable experience and teaching time for our students and we plan to study and observe the solar eclipse. We have purchased NASA-approved glasses for all students and we will train the students in the necessary safety standards. If any parents do not want their child to participate outside during the eclipse, please communicate that in writing to the classroom teacher.

The Week Ahead - August 14 – 20, 2017

Monday, August 14

Tuesday, August 15

8:15 – Chapel

Wednesday, August 16

Thursday, August 17

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, August 18


Saturday, August 19

Sunday, August 20

8:00 – Worship Service in Sanctuary

9:15 – Adult Bible Class & Sunday School

10:30 – Contemporary Worship in Sanctuary

So August is here now and school’s started back.

Another year to learn letters and math to attack.

Our kids are so blessed with all of their gear

as they head off to class with lessons to hear.

This month, once again, school items I’ll stress

So children far off their studies can address.

They need crayons and pencils at this time so cheap

The rewards of an education those children will reap.

Without those supplies the kids are left out.

To school they can’t go – so there is no route

Out of the poverty that wears them away

In a life of poor sadness they’re bound to stay.

So won’t you help out with this project today?

Run to the store and don’t delay!

Help fill a box with something for school

Smile as God uses you as His tool!

Anything else that you think fits the bill

Can be placed in the collection box each month as well.

In the lobby you’ll find it upon the floor

Just lift its lid and fill it galore!!

Cathy Thiem, Operation Christmas Child Relay Center Coordinator

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