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Banner #3; August 29, 2016

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 29 August 2016


St. John Lutheran School

August 29, 2016 Number 3

The Principal’s Pen

If you were given 3 wishes to ask for anything you would want, what would you wish for? It’s fun to consider the possibilities! Of course, the smartest 3rd wish would be for 3 more wishes, right?!

Our theme verse also asks us to consider wildly outrageous requests:

Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, to Him be glory. Ephesians 3:20-21

Take the most outlandish, incredible, outrageous thing we can think of or ask of God, and He can do it! In fact, He can do even more! I don’t think that this verse is saying that God automatically will give us more than we can ask or imagine, but He can if He so chooses.

When thinking more about this, I thought about the time that God told the young King Solomon that he could ask for anything he wanted (you can read about it in 1 Kings 3). After considering all the ways he could respond, King Solomon asked God for wisdom. You see, Solomon realized he was young and didn’t know how to govern God’s people effectively. He wanted to do a good job and knew he needed help. God granted Solomon’s request, making him the wisest man the world had known. What’s more, God also gave Solomon incredible riches and fame!

Why did God grant Solomon’s request? I think the answer is found at the end of our theme verse. God’s immeasurable power is given so that God receives glory. Solomon’s request wasn’t selfish, it was so that he could be a Godly king and govern God’s people wisely. May God give each of us the wisdom to ask for and imagine things that will give honor to God!

VERY IMPORTANT Back-To-School Night!

Please block the evening of Tuesday, September 6, on your calendar! We will celebrate the start of the school year with an evening of fellowship, food, information, door prizes, and fun for students in preschool through grade 8 and their parents. The class with the highest percentage of families represented for this evening will win a treat for the class. So, be sure to register in the classroom sessions. Here’s the schedule for the night:

5:15-6:15 dinner is served – enjoy fellowship with your St. John family

6:30 Parent Information Session in Worship Center – learn about important new

updates from Mr. Walz

7:00ish Classroom Sessions – receive an update from your child’s teacher on

important classroom news

Children will be supervised in the gym during the Parent Information Session and the Classroom Sessions. The Classroom Sessions will consist of three 15-minute sessions with 5 minute passing times in between. This will allow you the opportunity to attend several sessions if you have more than 1 child.

Please make this event a very important part of your calendar and make every effort to attend! Thank you!

Be on the lookout for a Parent-Alert call on Wednesday, September 7th, at 7:00 p.m. This is how we will notify parents of delays/cancellations and other important messages, so if you don’t get the call, or want to receive the call on a different number, please let us know!

Junior Spell Bowl Time!

Attention Stellar Spellers!! It’s that time of year! Junior Spell Bowl practice began last week and will be held on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 3:00 – 4:30 p.m. Mrs. Pillers will coach the Junior team (grades 6, 7, and 8), so practice will be in her classroom. Let Mrs. Pillers know if you are interested in joining the fun!

Congratulations Summer Enrichment Students!

Last summer, 37 students logged their physical activity, reading minutes, and/or summerbook activity. At last Friday’s party we handed out 7 bronze medals, 11 silver medals, and 63 gold medals to these students. Way to go! The following students participated in the program:

Serenity Hayden, Evan Huelsenbeck, Aubrey Kammerer, Lincoln Moser, Caydren Sams, Danica Sattison, Elizabeth Walkup, Anna Conrad, Fyo Hayden, Lexy Kammerer, Lillian Smoot, Brody Workman, Andrew McKinley, Alison Walkup, Maddie Burtch, Lauren Diehm, Santiago Espinoza, Taryn Haines, Lilly Moser, Addison Hampshire, Alan Jimenez, Lex Moser, Ashlynn Myers, Naomi Schroeder, Olivia Tibbs, Trey Warren, Anna Bodie, Matthew McKinley, Riann Ramer, Aowyn Myers, Coby Treesh, Gavin Burtch, Aliyah Jimenez, Gabby Stier, Mikayla Stier, Caleb Walz, and Joshua Walz.

School Picture Day

Wednesday, September 14

RenWeb Notes

All of us are adjusting to our new RenWeb system, and we will continue to do so throughout this year as we add more features and get used to all RenWeb has to offer. Here are a few points to get you started:

● All communication in RenWeb happens through email. Any message we send you will come to your email inbox. To communicate with a teacher, just send them an email. All teachers have emails in the following structure: first initial last name @stjohneagles.org (ex: twalz@stjohneagles.org).

● There is a staff directory in ParentsWeb. Click on the ‘Directory’ link under ‘School information’ on the left side of the Parents Web homepage. When you click on a staff member’s name a box will pop up showing you their contact information. (You do not need to be in ParentsWeb to email a teacher. You can do that directly through your regular email.)

● The ParentsWeb account that you created for online enrollment is still active and can be used throughout the year. Right now you can find the staff directory and a basic calendar. As we move into the year more features will be added.

● The ParentsWeb site is: https://sjl-in.client.renweb.com/pw/ Our school code if SJL-IN. Your username and password are the ones you set up when you enrolled.

While we’ve all had some frustrations with this new system, we will also all get better at it and enjoy the many features it has.

HUGE THANKS to those who helped spread the load of mulch on the playground last Sunday afternoon! Special thanks to Tyler Moser for leading this effort which makes our playground a much safer place to play for our students this year!! Thanks again!

The Banner

Starting Tuesday, Sep. 6 (because we are off on Monday for Labor Day), The Banner, our school newsletter, will be sent home with the youngest child in the family. This is an important communication method and one that we hope you will read each week. Other information from the school office will also go home with the youngest child in the family. If you would prefer another child in your family be the one to bring items home please notify the school office. In a few weeks we will be asking whether you want to continue to receive a paper copy of The Banner or read an electronic copy.

First Trimester Chapel Offerings

Chapel offerings collected during the first trimester of this school year will go to support a variety of Christian missionaries. Right now we are supporting the following missionaries, although we are working to connect with a couple more.

• David & Barbara Bush will soon be traveling to Macau to join work being done at the Concordia English Center. The Bush’s worshipped with us at chapel last week.

• Ed & Mary Fox: working among the people of Guatemala. Mary can use our prayers right now as she is recovering from eye surgery.

As we go through this 1st Trimester we will learn more about their work and the people they minister to. Please talk with your kids about what they are learning and encourage them to bring in an offering on Tuesdays to help spread God’s love around the world through the work of these missionaries.

School Delays

While we hope we won’t face weather delays and cancellations any time soon, we know that the possibility for fog, ice, and snow delays exists at any time. When such delays and cancellations occur, you will receive a Parent Alert phone call. You will also see or hear “St. John Lutheran School, Kendallville” on the following media outlets:

WANE-15 WAWK-1140 WPTA-21

WBCL-90.3 WISE-33 WLAB-89.7

St. John will, with very few exceptions, follow the East Noble School Corporation on weather related issues. Delayed starts will be handled as follows:

2-HOUR DELAY: School will begin at 10:00 A.M. and will dismiss at the regular time. Extended care will be available. All morning preschool classes will begin at 10:00 and dismiss at 11:30. The afternoon preschool class will meet at its regular time.

3-HOUR DELAY: School will begin at 11:00 A.M. and will dismiss at 3:55. Extended care will be available. Morning preschool classes will not meet if there is a 3-hour delay. The afternoon preschool class will meet at its regular times. Extended care will be available free of charge to preschool students who have an older sibling enrolled who won’t be dismissed until 3:55.

COLLABORATION MONDAY: 2-hour delays that occur on a Monday will begin at 10:00 A.M. 3-hour delays that occur on Monday will begin at 11:00 A.M.


Save the Date – Grandparent’s Day

Tuesday, Sep. 20, will be our annual Grandparent’s Day. It’s on this day that we welcome Grandparents (and other special guests!) to our building for special activities during the afternoon. We’ll start at 1:15 with our chapel service. More details will come, but we wanted you to know the date and start inviting your grandparents or other special guests!

SCRIP Needs You

Our SCRIP program is easy to use and can be a valuable financial blessing for both the school and your family. Parents can buy gift cards at face value for many local and national retailers. When you purchase the cards St. John receives a percentage back, varying from 3% to up to 25%. St. John uses that money to provide for the education of all students. However, we also credit half of the percentage amount that we get to your family. You can pay for tuition, extended care, hot lunch and other things. Your family wins and St. John wins! Stop in the office for more information and to purchase your first SCRIP cards. See Mrs. Thiem if you need more information.

NOTICE!!! Logan’s Roadhouse and Aeropostle are both in bankruptcy battles. We do have some scrip cards in stock that we would love to see sold. If you are going either of those places soon, won’t you consider taking them off our hands? We could give a two-week span to use the cards, and if those places would not redeem your cards within that time, we would refund your money. After the two weeks, you would absorb the loss yourself. We would even consider selling them at OUR cost - $22.50 for the Logan’s, and $23.25 for the Aeropostale. THANK YOU!!

Barnyard Round-Up T-Shirts Available

Extra t-shirts from this summer’s Vacation Bible School are now available at a clearance price of $3.00 per shirt. Various sizes are available. Contact the office.

Student Directory To Be Published

We will soon publish our annual booklet which contains names, addresses, and phone numbers of our families. If you do not wish for any of this information to be published – YOU MUST INFORM MRS. THIEM. If we do not hear from you by September 6, we will assume it is your desire to make this information public. A sample listing for your family was sent home the first week of school.

Also, divorced or separated families, if you have a preference as to how you are listed, please talk with Mrs. Thiem. Thank you.

Keep Money Separate, Please

Please keep all payments separate. All payments must be made on separate checks as they are deposited in many different ways at various locations. Thank you for your help!

No Refrigeration Available

Please do not send snacks or lunches to school that require refrigeration. Ice packs made specifically for cooling lunch boxes are available quite inexpensively at local retailers and serve the purpose of keeping the lunch cool until needed.

No Pop

There will be no soft drinks during the school day. This also means that parents who bring in food for a special treat for their child’s lunch should opt for an alternative drink. Students bringing their lunch from home may not consume pop even if it is brought to school in their lunch box.

FACTS Tuition Payments

Keep in mind that changes can be made in your FACTS tuition agreement should a need arise. Perhaps you have received a windfall and would like to make an advance payment, or perhaps you are having particular financial strains and need an adjustment. See Mrs. Thiem for assistance and she will direct you to Mr. Walz if needed. Please contact us at least 10 days before payment is set to be deducted from your account.

Asthma Inhaler?

If your child uses a doctor-prescribed inhaler to treat bronchial asthma, it is our policy that the inhalers be kept in the locked cabinet in the school office. However, if your doctor feels this is inadequate for the severity of your child’s situation and the inhaler needs to be kept with the child, please have him/her issue a written statement to that effect. Return that to the school office as soon as possible. Thank you!

Any crafters out there that would be willing to decorate a wreath for Festival of Trees sponsored by our school? All expenses would be covered by our Parent-Teacher League. You would just provide the creativity! See Mrs. Thiem if you are interested.



This year Confirmation Classes will be held on Wednesday evenings from 7:00-8:00pm in the Worship Center. Confirmation is a Christian Discipleship program for young people who are in the 6th and 7th grade in school. The program is two years in length with one year devoted to a study of the Old and New Testaments and the other year focused on the “Six Chief Parts” (topical study of the Bible). This year 2016-17 we will be studying the Old and New Testaments. Confirmation is our church’s way of assisting Christian parents to Train up a child in the way they should go, and when they are old, they will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6). Therefore, we are asking that an adult parent or guardian accompany each child to confirmation classes.

These classes will also serve as a “New Member Information” class for any adults who desire to become confirmed members of St. John Lutheran Church.

An orientation meeting will be held on Wednesday, September 7, 2016 at 7:00pm in the worship center. The confirmation program will be explained and students will be registered that evening.

Classes will begin the following Wednesday evening, September 14, 2016 and will continue throughout the school year until Confirmation Sunday, which will be on Sunday, May 7, 2017 this year.

If you have any questions about Confirmation, call or email Pastor Shriner at (260) 347-2158 or bshriner@sjlc.net.

Girl Scout Informational Night

St. John will host an informational meeting for all K-8 girls interested in girl scouts on Wednesday, Aug. 31, at 6:00, in the lunchroom. Information was given to the girls on Friday. The flier says to enter at Door 1, but you will also be able to park in the parking lot and enter at Door 5.

AWANA Club for Kids

Our friends at First Christian Church invite children age 3 through 6th grade to their AWANA Club for Kids. Registration/Parent Information Night is on September 7 from 6-7:30 p.m. Parents must come to register their child. There are some small costs involved. For more information, call the church at 347-1729 or visit their website ----@ FirstChristianKendallville.com.

Music Together – Happy Keys

Happy Keys offers family classes for children birth through kindergarten and the adults who love them. When you join Happy Keys Music Together, each semester you’ll learn twenty-five new songs and activities that your family will enjoy in class and at home. Your children will love zooming to the moon like a “Rocketship”, wiggling and clapping to “Shake Those ‘Simmons Down”, and drumming to the Native American folksong “The Earth Is Our Mother”.

In addition to imaginative and engaging weekly classes, your tuition includes materials for you to use at home, online access to the curriculum and support materialson the Family Music Zone, and a family newsletter full of resources and music-making ideas. This semester, we will also be celebrating the International Day of Peace.

Join us for a FREE Demonstration class on Friday, September 2nd, at 11:00 a.m. in the Worship Center. To find out more about our program, classes, or to schedule your class visit, please call St. John music teacher, Ali Dencklau at (319) 939-7755 or connect on the web at: chopinali@yahoo.com, playhappykeys.com, or on facebook.com/playhappykeys. The first semester runs from September 16 – Nov. 18.

A Note from the FIRST LEGO League Competition Team

Our First Lego League competition team has started meeting and working on this year’s theme: Animal Allies. The team was selected last spring and is made up of Hanne Brandgard, Gavin Burtch, Ian Malone, Caleb Walz, Joshua Walz, Brenton Klopfenstein, Coby Treesh, Kyle McKenzie, Matthew McKinley, and Lex Moser, and is led by Jenna Anderson. The team will be working toward it’s competition in November. Good luck, team! A training team open to all 3rd-8th grade students interested in Lego Club is usually offered in the spring.

Apple Festival Time IS Near!

This year’s Festival will be held on Saturday and Sunday, October 1 & 2. A sign-up sheet was sent home two weeks ago and another is coming with today’s Banner for those who have not yet responded. Our apple fritters are an important part of the Apple Festival and this effort is a major fundraiser for our school. All of our families need to be involved with this huge project in some way. In fact, since apple peeling and the actual Festival are a week apart, we REALLY encourage and appreciate those parents who help with both tasks!!! In addition to the valuable work you are doing, you will enjoy the time you spend making new friends and socializing with familiar ones.

God desires His followers to be praying people. Our teachers and staff take this responsibility seriously and want to help your children be praying people also. Each week our teachers will pray for 5 school families during our teacher devotions. We will also pray for these families in All School Devotions and Chapel and in the classrooms. We will list the family names here so that you can pray for these families at home as well. If you have a specific prayer need, whether it is your week for prayer or not, please let us know through your teacher, the office, or the prayer request box located by the other collection boxes in the church lobby.

Elsie Fregeau, grandmother of Katie and Emma White, who is ill;

This week, the following St. John families will be included in prayer:

Douglas & Lisa Bender; James & Kimberly Bennett; Robert & Veronica Blake; Chris & Patti Bodie; and Ryan & Laura Bolinger

Recycle, Please!

Now that school is back in session, I want to remind you to recycle the empty ink jet cartridges as well as any cell phones, MP3 Players, I-PODS, and Laptop computers. Some cell phones and Blackberrys can earn up to $100.00. You can give them to Mrs. Thiem if they are large items, or put them in the wooden collection box in the church lobby. Thanks for helping to keep our world clean and making money for your school!

Twenty-first Century Scholars

Twenty-first Century Scholars application forms are now available online at www.scholars.in.gov. The website also lists recent legislative changes to the program. Income-eligible students who take a pledge as a seventh or eighth-grader may be eligible for up to four years of paid tuition at an Indiana college following high school graduation.

Free and Reduced Price Lunches

If you have not turned in your application for free or reduced price lunches, please do so immediately. The government reimburses our school above and beyond the cost of these lunches, so it is a benefit to us as well as you to use this if you qualify. Applications are strictly confidential.

Note: Even though our school does not charge for textbook rental, checking that box and signing provides St. John with additional funding.

The last days of summer are coming up fast

Our boxes are filling with love that will last.

Forever these kids, and their families too

Will remember the kindness that came to them thru you.

Our boxes are filling with school stuff and things,

Hair ties and brushes, washcloths, and rings,

Dolls and small stuffies to warm up their hearts

Cups and small bowls and things to take apart.

Small toys we could use to round the box out

A ball, or a wind-up they’ll love – no doubt!

How about a small book in which they can write

A small etch-a-sketch or little flashlight?

A toy car or two would light up some eyes

Or funny glasses with big nose for a laughing surprise.

A yo yo, a top, or a small coloring book

Will sure make them smile when in your shoebox they look!

Anything else that you think fits the bill

Can be placed in the collection box each month as well.

In the lobby you’ll find it upon the floor

Just lift its lid and fill it galore!!

Cathy Thiem,

Operation Christmas Child,

Relay Center Coordinator

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Baily Lash, Aowyn Myers, Alicia Proxmire, Elli Will, Bryson Shire, Bryston Williams, Hunter Kline, and Gabi Schermerhorn. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

The Week Ahead - Aug. 29 – Sept. 5, 2016

Monday, August 29

4:30 – Soccer vs. LSUS (home)

4:45 – JVVB @ CEN

Tuesday, August 30

8:15 – Chapel

3:00 – 4:30 – JVVB practice

3:00 – 4:30 – Jr. Spell Bowl practice

3:00 – 5:00 – Lego Club

4:30 – 6:00 – 6 VVB practice

6:00 – 8:00 – Lego Club Kick-Off

Wednesday, August 31

3:00 – 4:30 – JVVB practice

4:30 – Soccer vs. CEN (home)

5:00 – 6:00 – Beginning Strings Meeting

6:00 – 7:00 – Girl Scout Informational Meeting

7:00 – 8:00 – Beginning Strings Meeting

Thursday, September 1

3:00 – 5:00 – Lego Club

3:00 – 4:30 – Jr. Spell Bowl practice

4:15 – JVVB @ ZND

4:30 – 6:00 – 6 VVB practice

5:00 – 6:00 – Beginning Band Meeting

7:00 – 8:00 – Beginning Band Meeting

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, September 2

3:00 – 4:30 – VVB practice

4:30 – Soccer vs. ASC (home)

Saturday, September 5

Sunday, September 4

8:00 – Worship Service in Sanctuary

9:15 – Adult Bible Class

10:30 – Worship Service in Worship Center

Monday, September 5- Labor Day – No School

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