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Banner #28; March 14, 2016

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 14 March 2016


St. John Lutheran School

March 14, 2016 Number 28

The Principal’s Pen

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Whether you have Irish blood in you or not, you may celebrate this holiday on this Thursday, at least by wearing a little green! First, a little bit of St. Patrick’s Day trivia:

♣ The color blue was originally associated with St. Patrick’s Day.

♣ There are 10,000 3-leaf clovers for every 4-leaf clover you find.

♣ There are only 4 places in the United States that include the name Shamrock (including Shamrock Lakes, IN!).

♣ It takes 45 pounds of green dye to dye the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s Day.

But, how much do we know about the real St. Patrick? Unfortunately, legend and truth have mixed in terms of what we know, but here is a little bit about Patrick. He was born in Britain shortly before 400 AD, near the end of the Roman Empire. A warring band of Irish raiders invaded and captured young Patrick and his sisters. He became a slave shepherd in Ireland. After a time, he had a vision to go to a nearby harbor and there would be a boat to take him back to Britain. He followed this vision and it was true – a boat was there and he returned to his homeland!

Back in Britain as a young man, Patrick became a Christian priest. He received another vision, this time it was to return to Ireland and preach Christianity to these barbaric unbelievers. For 40 years, Patrick studied, worked, and tried to return to Ireland, but was denied that opportunity.

Finally, at around 60 years old, Patrick was allowed to go to Ireland. When Patrick landed he met a band of warriors intent on capturing or killing him, proceeded to preach to them the Gospel. They believed his message and were converted and baptized on the spot! For the next two years, Patrick travelled the country, preaching the Gospel,

converting the natives, and transforming Ireland from a heathen country to a Christianized one. (continued inside)

What can we learn from, and celebrate in, Patrick’s life. Well, years after his death, it was the Irish Christians who brought the Gospel to the barbarian Germans in Europe. So, for those of us with German heritage, we may owe some portion of our Christian faith to Patrick. Even without that, we see a man faithful to following God even in the face of great danger. That is worth celebrating!

Seeking to reach all with Christ, St. John Lutheran School partners with families to provide a Christ-centered education which nurtures faith in Christ,

promotes discipleship, develops God-given abilities and skills,

and encourages academic excellence.

TinCaps Reading Program Starts This Week

Once again, St. John will be participating in the TinCaps Reading Program! The program materials were sent home with your student today. Next week Tuesday, March 22, is the official start of the program. Students who reach their reading goal each week for 4 weeks will earn a free ticket to the TinCaps game on June 5, along with a prize for each base. Our program runs through April 19. Get ready, get set, read!

Regional Science Fair This Weekend

Congratulations to TJ Knox, Branson Klink, Lilly Moser, Trey Warren, Lex Moser, Destiny Oiler, Katie Graber, Brock Klink, Brett Christian, and Aliyah Jimenez – the St. John representatives to the Tri-State Regional Science Fair at Trine University in Angola this Saturday. We wish these students well as they represent our school.

St. John Showcase 2016!

Our seventh annual St. John Showcase was a huge success last Friday evening! It was great to see the kids sharing the talents with which they have been so richly blessed! All of the displays and performances were exciting to see. Special thanks to Ali Dencklau, chairperson of this year’s event, and to staff and parents who pitched in and provided their help! This year’s Showcase would not have happened without Ms. Dencklau’s terrific planning and organizational skills.

Kindergarten Teacher Update

The members of St. John will be meeting this coming Sunday after each service in a Voter’s Meeting for the purpose of extending a Divine Call for our Kindergarten teaching position. The School Board will be recommending Mrs. Gretyl Bader for this position. Gretyl was raised in Grand Island, Nebraska. She graduated from Concordia University, Nebraska, in December of 2014. This school year she has been working at Bright Beginnings Child Development Center. She is married to AJ Bader. The Baders will be moving to Fort Wayne this summer as AJ will be starting work at the Ft. Wayne Seminary. Please keep Gretyl in your prayers as we prepare to extend her a Call on Sunday and as she determines if God is leading her to accept our Call and join us in ministry.

For one final school family – Dalene Hobert and then staff members Pastor Bob Shriner, Principal Tim Walz, Chery Young, and Cathy Thiem

Cameron Patton, father of three St. John students, battling colon cancer

George Berger, father of Mrs. Linda Atz, recovering from a stroke

Pastor Shriner’s wife, Marcia, for healing of her broken leg

Scholastic Book Fair a Great Success!

Special thanks to Mrs. Summer Moser for serving as chairperson for our school book fair this year. Summer did a great job setting the fair up, decorating the area, and running the fair. We appreciate her efforts!

Our profit from the fair was $1300, allowing each teacher to receive around $50 of books for their classroom, as well as around $800 in books for the library. What a great benefit to our students! Thank you!

Spring Break – No Bus Service Alert

Our Spring Break is two weeks away. This is one aspect where our calendar varied from East Noble’s calendar. St. John Spring Break is March 28 – April 1(the first week of East Noble’s break). We will then return to school while East Noble takes a second week of Spring Break. Bus riders will need to arrange for other transportation. East Noble will also be out on Friday, March 25, so there will be no bus service that day as well. Let us know if we can help!

Congratulations to students in grades 4 through 8 who have earned a place on the 1st Trimester honor roll.

Fourth Grade –All A’s – Katie White, Sadie Potts, Andrew Malone,

Zander Brazel

A’s & B’s - Journey Speakman, Kaeli Christian, Trenton Bolen,

Jaxson Campbell, Solana Andorfer, Rosa Andorfer,

Bethany Murphy

Fifth Grade – All A’s – Caylee James, Aowyn Myers

A’s & B’s - Joshua Bailey, Max Bender, Hunter Kline, Kyle

McKenzie, Grant Schermerhorn, Sam Schroeder

Sixth Grade – High Honors – Brett Christian

Honors - Katie Graber, Zack Isaac, Spencer Arington, Bailey

Murphy, Coby Treesh, Libby Goldey, Brock Klink,

Brenton Klopfenstein

Seventh Grade - High Honors – Gavin Burtch, Aliyah Jimenez, Delia Norris,

Wesley Potts, Jessica Schroeder, Gabby Stier,

Marcy Treesh, Caleb Walz, Joshua Walz

Honors - Hanne Brandgard, Ian Malone, Mikayla Stier

Eighth Grade – High Honors- Haley Bloom, Cole Christian, Andrew

Schroeder, Emma Schroeder

Honors - Kate Lipscomb

Paying Too Much in Taxes?

Frustrated over having to pay state income tax? There is an easy way to improve your state tax burden for next year. Simply make a donation to The Lutheran Scholarship Granting Organization of Indiana. Your donation will allow deserving St. John students to receive SGO scholarships and continue receiving a Christian education here. Plus, when you do your taxes next year you can eliminate 50% of your donation from the state tax you owe (for example: with a $1,000 donation your tax would be reduced by $500). Plus, your full donation qualifies for federal tax deduction. Please see Mr. Walz for more information.

Our re-enrollment and new registration season is well underway. We currently have 162 students, both returning and new, signed up for next year! Thank you to our current parents for the great re-enrollment response! Official class lists have been made. If you are planning to return for next year, and haven’t let us know that yet, please turn in your 2016-2017 Intent to Re-enroll form right away. Our online application (for new students) and enrollment (for returning students) is almost completed. When it is completed we will send home directions on how to complete your official registration.

If you know of other families that might be interested in coming to St. John, please have them contact the school office. Or, you could pick up a packet and give it to them. We find that referrals from current families are often the most successful marketing that we do. We also find that families that visit are able to see more clearly how our school is different. Please let interested families know about two additional Open Houses:

April 27 Open House from 3:30-7:00 (invite your friends and


May 11 Preschool & Kindergarten Round Up from 6:00-7:00

(invite your friends and neighbors)

Please keep in mind that St. John has several avenues to work with families in need of financial assistance. In addition to our own Endowment Scholarships we also have the state SGO Scholarships and the Indiana Choice Scholarships (vouchers). FACTS applications for tuition assistance can be completed online at www.factstuitionaid.com. These applications should be completed and tax documents uploaded by April 20. If you have financial needs please talk with Mr. Walz so that we can help provide for your children’s Christian education. We will do our best to not let finances stand in the way of your child’s Christian education!

Accreditation Time is Here

This is the year we go through our reaccreditation process. Our Steering Team (made up of Jo Knox, Heidi Ludwig, Angie Malone, Rose Rickey, Vernie Scheiber, Kim Schroeder, and Matt Tibbs), the teachers, and groups of parents have worked hard throughout the year in preparing our self study and our school action plan. Now we are ready for the final part in the process, our site visit! On Monday, April 11, through Wednesday, April 13 a team of educators will be in our building observing, studying, reviewing, and writing their report, all of which will make St. John an even better school. We will be forming a representative group of parents for this team to interview along with a representative group of students for them to talk with. We are thankful for all the hard work that has brought us this far in the process and look forward to the growth for our school that will come from this process!

eLearning Time

Our second eLearning make-up day was last Saturday and all eLearning work must be completed and turned in by Wednesday morning at 8:00. Our 3rd eLearning day, to make up for Wednesday, Mar. 2, will be on Saturday, March 19. Hopefully these will be the only eLearning days we have to use! We are interested in your feedback on how these days go for your family. Please use the survey sent home as a part of the eLearning packet or share your thoughts with your teacher or Mr. Walz.

RenWeb is coming

We are beginning a transition from Fast Direct to RenWeb (www.renweb.com) as our school information system. We will go full-scale with RenWeb next school year and you will see the many benefits of this transition. Right now we are using their Parent Alert system (to replace School Messenger) and will soon be unveiling their online application and enrollment process (to replace our paper application and forms).

School Of Life (Youth Group) Parents Night Out

Do you need a night away with your spouse or friends? St. John's Youth has a solution for you! On Friday March 18th beginning at 6:00PM and running till 10:00PM we will watch your children for $5 a child! Your child will enjoy time playing with their friends, watching a movie, popcorn, and a drink. All proceeds will go towards helping these youth go to Momentum, a youth conference to set them on fire for our Lord. If your child plans to attend please text 785-268-0078 or e-mail wholle@stjohneagles.org. Miss Holle will also be in attendance to help watch your children.

Spring Fundraiser Wraps Up

Thanks to everyone who ordered from our frozen food fundraiser. Items will be delivered NEXT Wednesday, March 23, and help with that distribution is still needed. Please let Mrs. Thiem know if you are available to help! Thank you!

Camp Lutherhaven Time!

Camp Lutherhaven is getting ready for Summer 2016! Polar Bear, Capture the Flag, campfires, devotions, theme nights, archery, swimming, and canteen are just a few of the awesome activities in store for you. Programs are available for children grades kindergarten through high school and for families as well. Register online today at www.lutherhaven.org, or call for more information at 260-636-7101. Spots fill up fast so secure your summer adventure today!

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Jared DiGirolamo, Lillian Smoot, Brody Workman, Chloe Blaskie, Anna Conrad, Hunter Koehl, and Jack Slater. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend the St. John Auction on Friday evening, May 6. Just call the school office to RSVP! Please also be thinking of whom you would like to ask to join you. We are also looking for people to step forth to give their time or talent to be auctioned off! Anything goes! Offer yourself!! This fun evening includes an excellent dinner, awesome silent auction items, and a lively live auction, all held in the beautiful surroundings of Sylvan Cellars Event Center in Rome City.

The auction is a major fundraiser for our school. It requires a great deal of work to make it a success. This year’s auction committee is chaired by Jo Knox. Summer Moser, Sarah Burtch, Michelle Bailey, Staci Owen, and Lisa Swogger have all been helping in various ways. There is room for you to help as well! Contact Jo or the school office to find out what is needed and how that will match up with your interests and available time.

Arrival/Dismissal Update

As we continue to settle into our new arrival and dismissal procedures, we’d like to share a couple of reminders. We understand that there is a back-up onto Rush Street at times and we want to address that. Please share other questions, concerns, or ideas you have.

• If you are dropping off a child in the morning, please pull forward as far as you can, all the way up to the Worship Center.

• If there are cars along the building leading up to door 5, you can pull past them in the alley and then pull to the side after door 5.

• Please say your good-byes and encourage your kids to exit the car quickly so that you can pull out and the next car can pull in.

Again, thank you for working with us on these changes to help improve the safety within our building, and please continue to share your feedback on these new procedures!

Our fifth and sixth graders are selling heavy-duty colorful trash bags to raise funds for their class trip to Chicago in May. Orders will be taken until March 15 with delivery of the bags just before spring break. See a student or Mrs. Pillers or Mr. Scheiber to place your order!

I’m trying to get you to start looking out

For items for shoeboxes to shout about!

I’ve made a fancy collection box

For toothbrushes, crayons, for toys and for socks

Each month I will give a suggestion or two

Of what you could bring – but it must be new!

For March, how about a toothbrush or paste

Any you give will not go to waste!

Just bring your donation with you to school

It will be used, by God, as a tool

To convey His love to kids in dire need

And you’ll feel great for this loving deed!

Anything else that you think fits the bill

Can be placed in the collection box each month as well

In the lobby you’ll find it upon the floor

Just lift its lid and fill it galore!

Cathy Thiem

(Your Operation Christmas Child Coordinator!)

March 20 - Palm Sunday

8:00 Sanctuary and 10:30 Worship Center

March 24 - Maundy Thursday

Sanctuary 7 pm with Holy Communion

March 25 - Good Friday Sanctuary 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. -

Tre Ore Service

7:00 p.m. - Tenebrae Service

March 27 - Easter Sunday

7:00 a.m. - Sunrise Service with Holy Communion in the


8:45-9:00. - Easter Breakfast with a free-will offering

received for the youth group and the DC trip

10:30 a.m. - Easter Festival Service with Holy Communion in

the Worship Center

14 - 20, 2016

Monday, March 14

IRead testing for grade 3 this week

3:00 – 4:45 Track practice

Tuesday, March 15

8:15 – Chapel

3:00 – 4:45 Track practice

Wednesday, March 16

10:45 – Officer Phil program for K-4

Thursday, March 17

3:00 – 4:45 Track practice

7:00 - Worship Service

Friday, March 18

Sixth grade to JA BizTown

Saturday, March 19

9:00 – noon – eLearning

Sunday, March 20

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center

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