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Banner #11; November 2, 2015

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 02 November 2015


St. John Lutheran School

November 2, 2015

Number 11

The Principal’s Pen

Yesterday, November 1, was All Saints Day, an important, but often overlooked festival of the Christian church. Our own church and school, St. John Lutheran, is named after St. John, the disciple of Jesus. All Saints Day seeks to remember and commemorate not only the Biblical saints, but also our own loved ones who have died and gone to heaven. Some of us have experienced the death of a loved one recently and know full well the pain of that separation. All Saints Day allows us a special opportunity to honor those whose earthly struggle has ended.

But, All Saints Day doesn’t just look back. It’s not just about remembering the faithful who have died before us. Emptiness and sadness are an important part of the grieving process. But they are not the only part of the grieving process. All Saints Day also looks forward. While it does include sadness over the loss of a loved one, it also includes joy in our coming reunion. All Saints Day is a day of hope. We look forward to the time when we will be reunited with our loved ones in heaven. We take strength in knowing that their victory will be our victory. We are encouraged to continue to be faithful to God, even in the midst of extreme difficulties, knowing that God will be faithful to us.

All Saints Day is a day of looking back, and of looking forward. A day to remember those who have died before us and a day to look forward to when we meet them again. Thanks be to God for the faithful witness of those who have died in the faith, and thanks be to God that, through Jesus, we will see them again!

Something New

Do you notice something new about this Banner? That’s right; it features our new school logo. For the first time we have a specific logo for St. John. The process started last spring with drawings submitted by students and families. Tim Stiffler, a graphic artist, took our ideas and incorporated several them into what is now our logo. He has also created a new brochure for our school that we will begin using to promote our school. Our logo features eagle’s wings, a symbol of St. John, and the cross, a reminder of our Lutheran/Christian foundation. We’re excited to have this logo to help show who we are as a school!

Please pray…

Cameron Patton, father of three St. John students, diagnosed with colon cancer;

George Berger, father of Mrs. Linda Atz, recovering from a stroke

These school families will be prayed for this week: Sarah Holbrook; Joshua & Christa Hulbert; David & Patricia Isaac; Mark & Emily James; Matthew & Destiny Jimenez

Little Saints Night

Little Saints Night was a rousing success for all the little princesses, ninjas, superheroes, cowboys, policemen, clowns, and more who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate as a school family in a safe environment. Thanks to all the parents who donated candy. Thanks also to the parents, alumni, and students (too many to name individually) who helped set up, run events, and clean up. Special thanks to DESTINY JIMENEZ and MINDY and ERIC COPE for organizing this event and spending countless hours making sure it ran smoothly!

Parent/Teacher Conferences Update

Way to go St. John parents! With Parent/Teacher Conferences two weeks ago, plus some make-up conferences held since then, we have had a 95% participation rate! Three classes had participation from all parents and every other class had participation from all parents except one. It is great to be able to have this extreme level of partnership and it definitely impacts the education your child receives!

Good Luck, Spellers!

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, November 3rd, our Jr. Spell Bowl team will travel to East Noble Middle School. The competition begins at 6:30 p.m. With the competition right here in Kendallville it would be great to have a good crowd to cheer on our spellers.

Team members are: Joseph Erne, Hanne Brandgard, Gavin Burtch, Marcy Treesh, Caleb Walz, Joshua Walz, Haley Bloom, Andrew Schroeder, and Emma Schroeder.

Buttons For Sale

Kathy Stawser, grandmother to several of our students, has offered to make and sell buttons, magnets, and keychains with St. John logos. She has eagles, our ‘Building His Kingdom Here” theme, sports, and our new St. John logo! She had a table set up at Little Saints Night for those who were present. An order form is coming home for others who are interested. Mrs. Strawser is donating half of what she makes back to St. John. Thank you!

Construction Update

Our construction continues to proceed toward completion. Thank you teachers, students, and parents for your patience with the inconveniences we have experienced! Although it will still be a couple months until things are fully completed, we have scheduled a CORNERSTONE LAYING ceremony and all school families are welcomed to join us. We will gather on Sunday, Nov. 15, at 10:30 in the back parking lot near the new Worship Center entrance to lay the new cornerstone. Everyone present will then be invited to join us inside for the usual 10:30 contemporary service.

Pastries with Parents

Please set aside some time on Friday, Nov. 20, from 7:00-7:45, to join us for some morning treats. Scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving, the teachers are hosting this event as a way of saying thank you to our families for being here at St. John. We look forward to hosting you and giving you the opportunity to have a special treat with your children at school that morning.

First Trimester Ends

This Friday marks the end of the first trimester.

Look for report cards to be sent home on Monday, November 16.

The $coop On $crip!

What is Generic Scrip?

We’d like to let you know about what we call “Generic Scrip.” Generic Scrip is like a universal gift card you can purchase that can be redeemed or exchanged for any scrip card. It can be purchased for any quantity. It can be redeemed only here at St. John. Generic Scrip is most often used between St. John School or Church families and is a popular pastor or teacher gift. You are welcome to give Generic Scrip to those outside of the St. John family, but it is important that you inform anyone you give it to that they must bring it to St. John for redemption before they shop. Also, you may wish to provide them with an order form so they can be aware of what type of cards they can use it for.

Giving the gift of Generic Scrip may also be a good way for you to introduce Scrip to your family and friends and encourage them to continue buying it on your behalf.


Do you work in a place that would allow you to put a box in a prominent place to collect used printer cartridges? If so, we’d appreciate your help in doing so! Mrs. Goldey is in charge of the collection here at St. John and her students benefit! Thanks for your help in keeping a bit of trash out of our landfill and helping our school earn money as well! See Mrs. Goldey if you have any questions! THANK YOU!!

School Pictures – Make-Up Day

Our School Pictures have been sent home with students. A make-up day has been scheduled for Thursday, November 19th, beginning at 8:30 a.m., for our 3-year-old Preschool class, students who were absent on the original Picture Day, as well as those who were not satisfied with their original portraits. Please remember that the entire package must be returned if your child is to be re-photographed.

To qualify for retakes, a student must return the original photos along with the form included with the packet stating the reason the photos are unsatisfactory so the photographer can attempt to improve the results on the second attempt. Photos will not be retaken simply because you do not like the clothes the child was wearing, or a different hair style is desired.

Class composite pictures will be printed after make-up day, and will be sent home as soon as we receive them back from the lab.

Your Next Opportunity to Support The D.C. Trip…

The next fundraiser for the Washington D.C. trip is just around the corner. It’s delicious Nelson’s BBQ Chicken! The chicken will be available in the North Fire Station on Highway 6 on Saturday, November 14. Place your advance order so you are sure to get some! Simply complete the form below, return it to the school office, and your tickets will be returned to you. THANK YOU!!

Nelson’s Chicken Order Form: Pick-Up only!

Support St. John’s 7th/8th grade

Washington D.C. Trip (spring 2016)

Saturday November 14th 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(North Fire Station on U.S. Hwy. 6)

(pre-pay via cash or check – St. John PTL)

Name Phone # # of Half Chickens @ $6.50 Ticket #

Butter Braids Sale

Our annual Butter Braid sale has now ended. If you still have an order form, please get that to Mrs. Thiem immediately. Delivery of the frozen loaves will be Monday, November 23. HELP WILL BE NEEDED WITH BUTTER BRAID DISTRIBUTION ON THE AFTERNOON OF MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23. LET MRS. THIEM KNOW IF YOU CAN HELP!!! THANKS!

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Braxton Cheesman, Matthew McKinley, Grant Schermerhorn, Brendon Heileman, Libby Goldey, Evan Smith, Jack Slater, Nick Rex, Melissa Heileman, Aliyah Jimenez, Haley Terry, Spencer Arington, Joseph Erne, and Hunter Kline. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Rend Collective is the group who performs our theme song for this year, “Build Your Kingdom Here”. They will be coming to Ft. Wayne in concert THIS Thursday evening, November 5th, and will open for headliner Chris Tomlin. We are offering a trip to the concert for students in grades 5-8. We have purchased a block of 50 tickets and they will be available on a first-come-first served basis. Tickets are NON-REFUNDABLE if your student is suddenly unable to attend. Checks should be made out to St. John PTL.

Tickets are still available. At this time, family members are welcome to purchase tickets and accompany the group. Younger students must be accompanied by an adult.

We have an East Noble bus lined up for transportation to and from The Memorial Coliseum in Ft. Wayne. Ticket cost is $20.

We will be leaving St. John at 5:15 PROMPTLY and returning between 10:00 and 11:00. Mr. Walz, Mrs. Thiem, and several teachers will accompany the group.

A permission form and list of student expectations on the trip must be signed when purchasing tickets. Tickets may NOT be given to students.

Operation Christmas Child

Please consider putting together a shoebox full of toys and school supplies for a needy child in another part of the world! This is a great way for you to teach your child the joy of giving! Don't forget to include a letter and even a picture if you'd like. All boxes should be delivered to the school office no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 23rd. Unfortunately, any boxes delivered after that time will NOT be delivered as we have a strict deadline to meet. The child receiving your gift will be blessed with toys, but more importantly shown the love of Jesus through you!

Once again, St. John will serve as a Relay Collection Center for National Collection Week – the third week of November. If you would be willing to spend a few hours helping to collect boxes as they arrive and package them in shipping cartons, give Mrs. Thiem a call (347-2444).

Empty shoeboxes are now available for the asking in the office. Students in selected grades may use this program as their classroom Christmas project in lieu of a gift exchange between students. Stay tuned for instructions from your child’s teacher. Want an easy way to help? Money is needed for shipping! $7.00 per box – any amount will be accepted and will help send our boxes on their journey into the arms of a desperate child!

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

This is the month – it is finally here!

Operation Christmas Child Collection Week is near!

November 16 to 23, I’ll be manning the post

The rush time is here – it’s no time to coast!

Again, we need money for the shipping fee

Everyone knows those costs are not free.

Seven dollars for each box is asked and that’s not a lot

Considering distance, it’s really a small dot!

So send in your money, your check or your dollar

If you need me to come with a truck – just give a holler!

It’s been fun each month, well…it has been for me.

To find what, for shoeboxes, in the box that you leave.

I’m sorry if my poems make you cringe – just remember….

I’m taking time off – no poem in December!!!

The Week Ahead - November 2 - 8, 2015

Monday, November 2

3:00 – 4:30 - VBB practice

4:30 – 6:00 – VGB practice

Tuesday, November 3

8:15 – Chapel

3:00 – 4:30 – JVBB practice

3:00 – 4:30 – Junior Spell Bowl Practice

5:30 – 8:30 – Junior Spell Bowl Competition

Wednesday, November 4

3:00 – 4:30 – VBB practice

3:00 – 4:30 – LEGO Team

4:30 – 6:00 – VGB practice

7:00 – Confirmation Class

Thursday, November 5

3:00 – 4:30 – JVBB practice

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, November 6 – End of First Trimester

8:45 – 2:15 – 8th grade to Finance Park

3:00 – 4:30 – JV/VBB practice

3:00 – 4:30 – LEGO Team

4:30 – 6:00 – VGB practice

Saturday, November 7

Sunday, November 8

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – The Buzz Hour & Adult Bible Class

10:30 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

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