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Banner #12; November 3, 2014

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 03 November 2014


St. John Lutheran School

November 3, 2014

Number 12

The Principal’s Pen

For all the saints who from their labors rest,

Who Thee by faith before the world confess,

Thy name, O Jesus, be forever blest Alleluia! Alleluia!

O blest communion, fellowship divine,

We feebly struggle, they in glory shine;

Yet all are one in Thee, for all are Thine. Alleluia! Alleluia!

This past Saturday, Nov. 1, was an important day in the Christian church. It was All Saints Day, a day to remember all those who have died in the faith before us. The verses above come from the hymn “For All the Saints”. In the first verse we recognize the faithful Christians who confessed Jesus throughout their lives and are now at rest. In the next verse, we celebrate the union we have with then through Jesus. Their earthly struggle is over, ours still continues, but we are together.

This day holds a slightly different meaning for me this year as my father passed away last spring. He is now one of those faithfully departed saints. I know that some of you, too, have felt the pain of death in the past year. There is still grief in the earthly loss. I don’t believe that ever completely goes away. Time lessens the pain some, but it is still there.

In the midst of the pain, though, there is celebration. My father, and your loved ones that died in the faith, are experiencing an eternal celebration. While we are separated from them, we are united with them. That gives us great hope! We will see our loved ones again, and will be together for all eternity!

Academic Festival

This Saturday, November 8, we will hold the 23rd Annual Academic Festival. This is an excellent way for our students to use the academic abilities that God has blesses them with. We will be competing against students from Trinity, Sturgis, St. Paul, Bremen, and St. Mary’s, Avilla. Students who are participating will receive a schedule and list of events by Wednesday. Thank you to all of our parent volunteers, but we are still in need of more helpers. The tasks are simple, the day is short, and it is a lot of fun. Please contact Mr. Walz if you can help.

Apple Festival Final Tally!

Donations + 1,206.76

Sales + 20,913.75

Expenses - 3,902.59

Apple Festival Fee - 2,551.67

TOTAL PROFIT $ 15,666.25

Little Saints Night

Little Saints Night was a rousing success for all the little princesses, ninjas, superheroes, cowboys, policemen, clowns, and more who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate as a school family in a safe environment. Thanks to all the parents who donated candy. Thanks also to the parents, alumni, and students (too many to name individually) who helped set up, run events, and clean up. Special thanks to MINDY COPE and ANGIE MALONE for organizing this event and spending countless hours making sure it ran smoothly!

Good Luck, Spellers!

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday, November 4th, our Jr. Spell Bowl team will travel to Hamilton Jr./Sr. High School. The competition begins at 6:00 p.m. Mrs. Pillers will drive our mini bus, but a permission form MUST be on file in order for a student to board the bus.

Team members are: Hanne Brandgard, Gavin Burtch, Marcy Treesh, Caleb Walz, Joshua Walz, Haley Bloom, Andrew Schroeder, Lars Brandgard, Emma Erne, Noah Jank, Christian Stephan, and Katie Walker.

First Trimester Ends

This Friday marks the end of the first trimester. Look for report cards to be sent home on Monday, November 17.

Munchies in the Morning

Please set aside some time on Friday, Nov. 21, from 7:00-7:45, to join us for some morning treats. Scheduled for the week before Thanksgiving, the teachers are hosting this event as a way of saying thank you to our families for being here at St. John. We look forward to hosting you and giving you the opportunity to have a special treat with your children at school that morning.

Butter Braid Delivery Thursday, NOVEMBER 13!

A big thank you to everyone who sold those delicious Butter Braid bread loaves during this fall’s fundraiser! Orders will be delivered THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 13. Please mark this date on your calendar now and plan to pick up your child’s order. It is imperative parents are prompt on pick-up day as freezer space is not available to store orders not picked up. Orders should be available from 2:30 – 5:30 p.m.



These school families, prayed for this week:

Christopher & Michele Karst; Shawn & Chasity Kilburn; Ron & Stephanie Kline; Troy & Beth Klink; and Adam & Susie Klopfenstein

Dallas Downam and his family upon the death of his uncle, Jack Dean;

Josh Jank, whose health is in God’s hands,

and for the whole Jank family.

Advent Worship

As a part of the spiritual formation we provide children, our students are preparing to help lead worship during the Advent season! Advent is a time of preparation for Christmas. The St. John Youth Group will lead the worship on Thursday, Dec. 4. Our preschool, Kindergarten, and 6th-8th grade students will lead the worship service on Thursday, Dec. 11, and our 1st-5th grade students will lead the worship service on Thursday, Dec. 18. All services begin at 7:00. More details will be coming home in the weeks ahead. A light meal will be available before the services to both ease your schedule and provide some fellowship time. We hope that your family will plan now to join us for these special services.

Lost and Found

Lots and lots of items have accumulated in our lost and found cabinet located just outside the library in the gym. Please take a moment to browse through the items soon. Remaining items will be given to Goodwill very soon!

The next Hungry Howie’s Day is next Tuesday, November 11

(and each second Tuesday thereafter).

Building Up the Next Generation

Are you a velvet covered brick? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? It’s not too late to join with Mr. Walz and learn more about the habits and attitudes that will make a positive impact on raising our kids! Please consider joining us!

Sunday mornings, through Nov. 23, 9:15-10:15, in the library, with Sunday School

available for the kids

Sunday afternoons, Nov. 23, 2:00-4:00, in the Gathering Place, with child care available

Please join us, and bring a friend, for some healthy discussions and learning about the younger generations in our care.

Your Next Opportunity to Support The D.C. Trip…

The next fundraiser for the Washington D.C. trip is just around the corner. It’s delicious Nelson’s BBQ Chicken! The chicken will be sold at lunch at this year’s Academic Festival, Saturday, November 8, and will also be available in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Place your advance order so you are sure to get some! Simply complete the form below, return it to the school office, and your tickets will be returned to you. THANK YOU!!

Nelson’s Chicken Order Form: Pick-Up only!

Support St. John’s current 6th/7th grade

Washington D.C. Trip (spring 2016)

Saturday November 8th 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(St. John Lutheran School-301 S. Oak Street or

Walgreen’s parking lot- corner of Main St. and H.W. 6)

(pre-pay via cash or check – St. John PTL)

Name Phone # # of Half Chickens @ $6.50 Ticket #


Do you work in a place that would allow you to put a box in a prominent place to collect used printer cartridges? If so, we’d appreciate your help in doing so! Mrs. Goldey is in charge of the collection here at St. John and her students benefit! Thanks for your help in keeping a bit of trash out of our landfill and helping our school earn money as well! See Mrs. Goldey if you have any questions! THANK YOU!!

Riley Street Construction

The Riley Street (from Diamond to US 6) Construction has begun. It is expected to last a month. They will be replacing the sidewalk ramps with ADA compliant ramps, replacing a few storm sewers, and laying down a new road surface. Barricades will be placed at each intersection indicating that the road is closed, but through traffic will still be allowed. However, you may want to take a different route to avoid the slow-downs. We will notify you as the city updates us.

Building Program Update

► Our plans are being finalized in order to be let out for bids from contractors and subcontractors.

► We are beginning to form the team of people who will run the capital campaign. Many different talents and abilities are needed. If you are asked to participate, please prayerfully consider serving in this way. If you are interested in volunteering for this opportunity, please see Pastor Bob or Tim Walz.

► Please continue to pray for this project as we prepare for the construction and the capital campaign.

SHINE Students

of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE Student last week: Ian Malone, Olivia Tibbs, Naomi Schroeder, Cameryn Proxmire, and Kaitlyn McKenzie. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Operation Christmas Child

Please consider putting together a shoebox full of toys and school supplies for a needy child in another part of the world! This is a great way for you to teach your child the joy of giving! Don't forget to include a letter and even a picture if you'd like. All boxes should be delivered to the school office no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 24th. Unfortunately, any boxes delivered after that time will NOT be delivered as we have a strict deadline to meet. The child receiving your gift will be blessed with toys, but more importantly shown the love of Jesus through you!

Mrs. Thiem spoke with students at chapel about the project and all students received a brochure which gives specific guidelines about the project. Empty shoeboxes are now available for the asking in the office. Students in selected grades may use this program as their classroom Christmas project in lieu of a gift exchange between students. Stay tuned for instructions from your child’s teacher.

St. John will again be serving as an Operation Christmas Child Relay Center this year! That means shoeboxes from all over the area will be delivered to our church on their way to the Regional Collection Center in Ft. Wayne. Help will be needed every day and/or evening from November 17 through the 24th. PLEASE speak with Mrs. Thiem and offer a few hours of your assistance with this project! We will even have homemade cookies and Christmas music!

This is the month – it is finally here!

Operation Christmas Child Collection Week is near!

November 17 to 24, I’ll be manning the post

The rush time is here – it’s no time to coast!

Again, we need money for the shipping fee

Everyone knows those costs are not free.

Seven dollars for each box is asked and that’s not a lot

Considering distance, it’s really a small dot!

So send in your money, your check or your dollar

If you need me to come with a truck – just give a holler!

It’s been fun each month, well…it has been for me.

To find what, for shoeboxes, in the box that you leave.

I’m sorry if my poems make you cringe – just remember….

I’m taking time off – no poem in December!!!

The Week Ahead - November 3-9, 2014

Monday, November 3

FluMist for pre-registered students

3:00 – 4:30 Final Spell Bowl practice

3:15 – 4:45 – Boys Basketball Practice

Tuesday, November 4

8:15 – Chapel

3:15 – 4:45 – Boys Basketball Practice

4:45 – 6:15 – Girls Basketball Practice

6:00 – Junior SpellBowl Competition

Wednesday, November 5

3:15 – 4:45 – Boys Basketball Practice

7:00 – Confirmation Class

Thursday, November 6

3:15 – 4:45 – Boys Basketball Practice

4:45 – 6:15 – JV Girls Basketball Practice

7:00 – Worship Service

Friday, November 7 – End of First Trimester

3:00 – 5:00 – Lego Club

Saturday, November 8 – Academic Festival

Sunday, November 9

8:00 – Worship Service in the Sanctuary

9:15 – Christian Education Hour (including Building the Next Generation

class led by Mr. Walz in the library)

10:30 – Worship Service in the Worship Center


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