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Banner #19; January 13, 2014

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 13 January 2014


St. John Lutheran School

January 13, 2014

Number 19

Principal’s Pen

Happy New Year! I guess I can still wish you that even though another week has gone by from when I thought you would be reading this! A new day, week, month, and calendar year have begun. It is normal to think about other new beginnings at this time of year. Sometimes we set big goals for major changes only to find that actually making those changes is hard work. That’s often when we quit. Perhaps it would be easier to work to make small changes. In time, those small changes might add up to a big difference in your life.

In that spirit, let me encourage you to ADD a little to your family life in 2014. Here are a few ideas to strengthen your family:

• Eat Dinner Together: If you never eat together, commit to 1 night a week. If you already eat together 3 nights a week, add another night to make it 4.

• Prayer and Devotion Time: If this is new, just start with 1 day when you commit to have a family devotion or pray together. If it’s already a part of your routine, try to add 1 more day into what you’re already doing.

• Read Together: Kids of all ages love a good story. Whether it is a picture book or a chapter book, reading together brings the family together. Start with 1 night a week, or add 1 night to the times that you already do this.

• Worship Together: If you aren’t worshiping regularly, try adding Sunday worship to your schedule just 1 Sunday a month. If you already worship once a month, try to add a Sunday and make it 2 times a month.

Big changes can be hard to make. But, little changes can add up to a big difference. I encourage you to pick 1 of these little changes to make and see how a small change can make a big difference in your family life! God’s blessings in all things in 2014!

School Make Up Days

The Indiana Department of Education has granted a waiver so that schools do not need to make up the missed days last Monday and Tuesday. We have applied for this waiver. We will need to make up the rest of last week. School will now be in session on the following snow make up days:

Monday, January 20

Monday, February 17

Friday, March 28

2014-2015 Calendar

While the 2014-2015 school year seems far off, plans are already being made. As you may be aware, East Noble has adopted a balanced calendar for next year. In short, this means that school starts a week earlier, gets out a few days later, and has fewer, but longer, breaks during the year. We are evaluating our calendar for next year and whether we will closely follow East Noble, as we usually do, or whether we will continue with a calendar similar to what we have this year. A sample calendar is coming home with all students today. It shows EN’s calendar, a St. John calendar similar to EN, and a St. John calendar similar to this year. Coming home with all students today is a survey to gather your feedback. We encourage all parents to return this survey with your input on these potential calendars for next year. You may also share your questions and feedback directly with Mr. Walz or the classroom teachers.

Spelling Bee Now January 14

Our School Spelling Bee, originally scheduled for Thursday, January 9, will now be held on Tuesday, Jan. 14, at 10:00, in the Worship Center. Don’t miss the chance to support our grade 5-8 students as they compete for the opportunity to represent our school in the county Spelling Bee. Parents, please join us!

Geography Bee January 16

On Thursday, January 16, don’t miss our school’s Geography Bee where students in grades 5-8 will compete for the opportunity to represent our school in the national Geography Bee. The Bee will begin at 1:15 p.m. in the Worship Center. Parents, please join us!

Mad Ant Comes to St. John

Mad Ant, the mascot of the Ft. Wayne Mad Ants basketball team, is coming to St. John on Thursday, Jan. 23. Mad Ant will be encouraging our students to Get Fit and earn a ticket to a Mad Ants game. Parents are welcome to join us for the assembly, starting at 2:00. More details about the program will be coming home.

National Lutheran Schools Week

St. John, along with other Lutheran Schools around the country, will be celebrated the week of Jan. 26-31. Special events are being planned for that week to help our students recognize the blessings we have at St. John. Watch next week’s Banner for all the details!

St. John Kids to Sing

St. John students have been asked to sing for the St. John church services as a part of National Lutheran Schools Week. This will happen on Sunday, Jan. 26. Our church is a huge supporter of our school and this is a way to say thank you to them for the blessings they provide with our school. Whether you are a member at St. John or not, we hope you will be able to join us on Jan. 26 for this special opportunity. A separate information sheet is going home today with all the details.

Re-enrollment News

Re-enrollment for the 2014-2015 school year will be soon be here! A packet of information on the re-enrollment timeline, the registration process, and tuition levels will be sent home with students on Monday, Jan. 20. At that time we will also begin taking names of prospective new students to add to our class lists after our current students are re-enrolled. If you know of someone who would be interested in and benefit from the excellent Lutheran education that we offer, please encourage them to contact the school office.

St. John Open House

St. John will be hosting an Open House for the 2014-2015 school year on Sunday, Jan. 26, from 12:00 – 3:00 P.M. This is a great opportunity to invite your friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers to visit St. John and learn more about our school. Invitation postcards will soon be available for you to give out.

SCRIP: New Year, New Habit

Would you like free money? Do you shop at any of the following stores?

Walmart Kroger Dairy Queen Shell

BP Dietrich’s Walgreens CVS

Applebees Home Depot Summer’s Stories Maria’s

These are just a few of the retailers for which we stock scrip. When you purchase a SCRIP card a percentage of the face value is credited back to you. It really is that simple!

As we begin a new year, why not start forming a new habit of using SCRIP? All you have to do is stop in the office any time, purchase your SCRIP cards, and start saving money. The more you use SCRIP, the more you’ll save. Watch here for other easy ways to use this program!

For those of you who have been using SCRIP, your balances for the last half of 2013 will soon be applied to the account of your choice.

Joe and Kim Schroeder; Dustin and Tiffany Shire;

Mark and Kam Shire; Matt and Stephanie Shire; Austin and Holly Slater

Josh Jank, whose health is in God’s hands, and for the whole Jank family.

Mrs. Anglin, as she recovers from foot surgery

Christmas Thanks….

Here is a note of thanks that was received from our Christmas Giving Tree:

“I want to thank God for giving you such a kind heart. You made our family very happy. May God Bless you, always. Your kindness means so much! Giving thanks always and for everything to God the father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. – Ephesians 5:20”

Keep saving those Box Tops for Education for our school! We recently received a check in the amount of $343.90!!


Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SERVANT student the last week before Christmas break. Katie Walker, Katie Graber, Libby Goldey, Haley Bloom, Sara Williams, Leah Kline, Marcy Treesh, Coby Treesh, Kasi Shire, Joshua Walz, Caleb Walz, Joseph Erne, Macaulay Botteron, Sahil Patel, RJ Anderson, Lane Logan, Briggs Cheesman, Nevaeh Handshoe, Alex Padilla, Lawrence Dietrich, Asher Jannuzzello, Conner LeRoy, Alan Jimenez, Jaxson Campbell, Sadie Potts, Naomi Schroeder, Andrew Malone, Jedidiah Logan, Evan Kilburn, Nathan Walz, Hunter Kline, Bethy Stewart, Emma Schroeder, Andrew Schroeder, Clayton Schenkel, Jared DiGirolamo, Olivia Rummel, Nevaeh Wolf, and Justice Alwine. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Kids Against Hunger

Have you ever gone to bed hungry? No, I mean really hungry? Around the world, 1 in 7 people go to bed starving each night. One in six children worldwide die before they turn 5 from malnutrition and other related conditions. Our chapel offering for the 2nd Trimester will support Kids Against Hunger (www.kah-fortwayne.org) in bringing highly nutritious meals to needy children all over the world. Plus, our children will take part in an event in April to actually pack these meals. Your child has already received materials to help them collect money at home for their chapel offering.

If you notice our faculty and staff wearing their comfy jeans and sweatshirts on Fridays, it is for a good cause. They will be paying to wear their comfy clothes to support our chapel offering Kids Against Hunger. Stay tuned for special announcements where the kids can pay to wear their favorite things to help this worthwhile cause.

Kids will also have an opportunity to help support Kids against Hunger! Students may pay $1.00 to wear special attire on Fridays in January. Because this is a fundraiser for a charity, students MUST pay $1.00 to participate in the days. This is a great way to raise more money for these very needy children around our world. What a great way to serve and have fun!



The next Hungry Howie’s Day is

Tuesday, January 14,

(and each second Tuesday thereafter).

Well, Christmas has passed for another year, but just because the tree is down and all those cookies have been consumed, doesn’t mean it’s time to forget about Operation Christmas Child – the shoebox project! I’ve recently been reading a book about OCC written by Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham. Franklin heads up the project and it is very interesting to read about how God has used such a simple box of hygiene supplies, school supplies, and toys to reach so many children, their families, and entire communities. Thanks to a generous, anonymous donor, I have ended up with two copies of the book, so if you would like to borrow one of them, just let me know.

In the meantime, don’t forget to watch for those after-Christmas sales and pick up some items for your box(es). November’s collection week will roll around quicker than we think!

I will soon be placing a box in the lobby and passing along suggestions of what to put in the box each month. Perhaps you would rather just donate an item here and there rather than assemble an entire box. We’ll see how that goes – soon.

Since I did a bit of traveling over Christmas break, it came to mind that some of you may be frequent travelers with jobs, or maybe just for pleasure. Would you mind picking up those hotel-sized bars of soap for me? I am UNABLE to use any liquids – shower gel or shampoos – so please don’t bring those.

I am more excited about Operation Christmas Child than ever before and it is my intent to get you excited as well! Watch for some excerpts from Franklin’s book in the future as space permits. (a benefit of being the one who types the Banner!) - Mrs. Thiem

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