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Banner #11; October 29, 2012

Cathy Thiem
WRITTEN BY Cathy Thiem - 29 October 2012

St. John Lutheran School


Number 11

October 29, 2012

The Principal’s Pen

Where do you stand? We’ve been hearing a lot lately about where the political candidates stand on certain issues. Are you cynical? Unfortunately, we know that at times a candidate’s position on an issue is based on what popular opinion says, or what is politically correct. We also know that political candidate changes their beliefs if they believe that doing so will help them gain election.

But, what about you? Where do you stand? Each of us will need to take a stand on some issue or another at some point in life. What do you base your beliefs on? This week we celebrate Reformation Day, remembering the reformation begun by Martin Luther when he nailed the 95 Theses to the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany, in 1517. Luther was not trying to start a new religion; he was only trying to bring the Catholic faith back in line with what he read in the Bible. When pressured to take back what he had said and done, Luther replied,

"Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience. Here I stand. I can do no other. God help me. Amen."

In other words, Luther would not take back what he had said, unless he could be shown in the Bible where he was wrong.

So, again, where do you stand? When it comes time to take a stand, God’s Word provides a solid, never-changing foundation.

Seeking to reach all with Christ, St. John Lutheran School partners with families to provide a Christ-centered education which nurtures faith in Christ, promotes discipleship, develops God-given abilities and skills,

and encourages academic excellence.

Time to Fall Back

Don’t forget to set your clocks back this Saturday night. We “Fall Back” one hour.

Junior Spell Bowl!!

Congratulations to St. John’s Junior Spell Bowl team, who competed in the regional Spell Bowl at Hamilton Junior/Senior High School in Hamilton this past Tuesday. The team earned 1st place in its division and 2nd overall. Congratulations, Spellers! Special thanks to Mrs. Debbie Hayden, our faithful Spell Bowl coach. Also thanks to her daughter, Summer Moser, who served as our proctor for the competition.

Team members were: Lars Brandgard, Mason Goddard, Asher Jannuzzello, Lindsay Kerrigan, Michael Lehman, Sahil Patel, Katie Walker, and Nathan Walz.

Grandparent’s Day

Thank you to the over 120 grandparents and special guests who joined us last Thursday for Grandparent’s Day! It was wonderful to be able to share special activities together during the afternoon. Special thanks go to BETH KLINK for organizing the snacks for the afternoon and to BETH, MICHELLE BAILEY, MINDY COPE, BELINDA ENGLAND, DESTINY RENKENBERGER, AMY TUTTLE, and MINDY WALZ. We thank God for the blessing Grandparents and special friends are to our students.

Little Saints Night

Little Saints Night was a rousing success for all the little princesses, ninjas, superheroes, cowboys, policemen, clowns, and more who attended. It was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate as a school family in a safe environment. Thanks to all the parents who donated candy. Thanks also to the parents, alumni, and students (too many to name individually) who helped set up, run events, and clean up. Special thanks to ANGEL DIEHM for organizing this event and spending countless hours making sure it ran smoothly!

FluMist Time

Students who have returned their completed permission form will receive the FluMist vaccine on Thursday, November 1, beginning at 12:30 p.m. Preschool students will need to be brought to school at 1:30 that day to receive the vaccine. All other students will be pulled from class to receive the mist.

Academic Festival

Students in grades 1-8 have received information regarding this year’s Academic Festival, which will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10. The Academic Festival is a half-day event of academic competitions between St. John students and students from 3 other private schools. The sign-up sheet was due back last Friday, Oct. 26, with the events your child is interested in participating in. If you didn’t turn it in, please do so immediately so that the teachers can determine events for the kids. Help from many parents is also needed in order to make this event a reality. We encourage parents to sign their children up to participate. A schedule will then be formulated and you will be notified of your child’s events next week.

ATTENTION ALUMNI!!! We would gladly accept help at this year’s Academic Festival from former students and their parents! We know there are St. John graduates who enjoyed the Festival as students and now they can experience it on the other side of the table!! Contact us at 347-2444 to offer your help!!

Volleyball Wrap-Up

St. John’s girls JV Volleyball team consisted of Hanneliese Brandgard, Madisyn Cope, Aliyah Jimenez, Kasi Shire, Haylee Terry, Emma Schroeder, Grace Kline, and Katie Walker. All of the girls were new to volleyball, but quickly learned the basics. Ten sets of games were played during the season, most against bigger and older teams.

St. John was well represented by these girls. Congratulations to them for pulling together and winning the final set of home games! Special thanks go out to the parents and families for supporting the team. The coaches were Mindy Cope, Destiny Renkenberger, Mollie Scheiber, and Judy Kline.

Butter Braids Sale Ends

Students who have not yet returned their orders for those delicious butter braids should do so TOMORROW. Orders will be called in on Thursday. Delivery of the frozen loaves will be on November 15th. Please make sure you have made arrangements for pick-up of the loaves as we have no freezer space available in which to store them. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP!

School Pictures – Make-Up Day

School Pictures were sent home with students last week. A make-up day has been scheduled for NEXT TUESDAY, November 6 BEGINNING AT 9:30 A.M., for students who were absent on the original Picture Day, as well as those who were not satisfied with their original portraits. Please remember that the entire package must be returned if your child is to be re-photographed.

To qualify for retakes, a student must return the original photos along with the form included with the packet stating the reason the photos are unsatisfactory so the photographer can attempt to improve the results on the second attempt. Photos will not be retaken simply because you do not like the clothes the child was wearing, or a different hair style is desired.

Class composite pictures will be printed after make-up day, and will be sent home as soon as we receive them back from the lab.


Mrs. Goldey is in need of a supply of ping pong balls and about 10 new bean bags. If you can supply any of those items, please send them to school or speak with Mrs. Goldey if you have any questions. THANKS!!

Your Next Opportunity to Support The D.C.Trip…

The next fundraiser for the Washington D.C. trip is just around the corner. It’s delicious Nelson’s BBQ Chicken! The chicken will be sold at lunch at this year’s Academic Festival and will also be available in the Walgreen’s parking lot. Place your advance order so you are sure to get some! Simply complete the form below, return it to the school office, and your tickets will be returned to you. THANK YOU!!

Saturday November 10th 10:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

(St. John Lutheran School-301 S. Oak Street or

Walgreen’s parking lot- corner of Main St. and H.W. 6)

(pre-pay via cash or check – St. John PTL)

Name Phone # # of Half Chickens @ $6.00 Ticket #

Operation Christmas Child

A great way to let God’s love SHINE to others around the world is to pack a shoebox full of toys and school supplies for a needy child in another part of the world! A brochure has been given to the students and is available in the office with the specific information. ASK YOUR CHILD WHAT THEY LEARNED ABOUT THIS COLLECTION IN CHAPEL THIS WEEK!! All boxes should be delivered to the school office no later than 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 19th. Unfortunately, any boxes delivered after that time will NOT be delivered as we have a strict deadline to meet. The child receiving your gift will be blessed with toys, but more importantly shown the love of Jesus through you!

NEW THIS YEAR!!! St. John will be serving as an Operation Christmas Child Relay Center this year for the first time! That means shoeboxes from all over the area will be delivered to our church on their way to the Regional Collection Center in Ft. Wayne. Help will be needed every day and/or evening from November 12 through the 19th. PLEASE speak with Mrs. Thiem and offer a few hours of your assistance with this project! We will even have homemade cookies and Christmas music!

SHINE Students of the Week

Congratulations to the following students for being recognized as a SHINE student: Cayden Hulbert, Bethany Murphy, Ethan Cope, Wyatt Kirby, Journey Speakman, Ryan Goldey,Gavin Burtch, Lucas Diehm, and Andrew Schroeder. We give thanks to God for these students who let their light shine before others.

Please pray…

These school families will be prayed for next week:

Jeremiah and Teela Gibson; David and Joana Goddard; Joshua and Angi Goldey; Ervin and Susan Graber; and Darrel and Tracy Gurtner


Do you work in a place that would allow you to put a box in a prominent place to collect used printer cartridges? If so, we’d appreciate your help in doing so! Mrs. Goldey is in charge of the collection here at St. John and her students benefit! Thanks for your help in keeping a bit of trash out of our landfill and helping our school earn money as well! See Mrs. Goldey if you have any questions! THANK YOU!!

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