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The Banner - Issue #18

WRITTEN BY Anonymous - 14 December 2011

Principal’s Pen

How would you respond? If you were present that first Christmas, how would you respond to the birth of the Christ child? Would you be like the shepherds, eager to worship the new King, and also eager to tell others about Him? Or would you be like the Wise Men? Would you bring precious gifts to honor this new King? What about Mary? We know that Mary quietly reflected on everything that happened to her, pondering the events in her heart. Would your response be one of quiet reflection?

Or would your response be more like one of the characters that we don’t hear as much about? Would you be like the innkeeper and turn away the Son of God? Is there no room in your life for this King? What about the next day? Do you think the innkeeper paid any attention to the newborn baby in his stable? How about the townspeople? Many of them were busy with their daily activity. Did they take time for this new baby, or were they too wrapped up in their “to do” list for the day. Although a small town, Bethlehem was probably filled with merchants trying to sell to all of the visitors for the census. Do you think they paused to think about or recognize this newborn King?

So, again, how would you respond? Perhaps people are not too different 2000 years later. The human reaction to Christ is much the same today as it was then. Some reject Him, some are too busy, and some don’t pay attention at all. But others come to worship this King, and spread the news concerning Him. Others bring gifts to honor and respect Him. Still others ponder and reflect on this newborn King.

May your Christmas celebration be filled with peace and joy, praise and worship, honor and glory in Jesus, the gift given to each of us on that first Christmas. May God bless you with a safe and happy Christmas vacation and all of His blessings in the New Year!

Seeking to reach all with Christ, St. John Lutheran School partners with families to provide a Christ-centered education which nurtures faith in Christ, promotes discipleship, develops God-given abilities and skills, and encourages academic excellence.

This is the last edition of The Banner in 2011. The entire St. John staff wishes a Blessed Christmas to all of you. May the love of God made known to us all through His Son, Jesus Christ, reside in our hearts this Christmas, and permeate our lives forever.

Parent Meetings Scheduled

Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend one of two informational meetings for parents. During these meetings we will share important information on the re-enrollment timeline, a new streamlined registration process, tuition levels, and staff changes. Child care will be available. It is essential that every family is represented at these meetings. The meetings will be held on Tuesday and Wednesday, Jan. 24 and 25, from 6:30-7:30.

Students Sing about the Newborn King!

Students in first through eighth grades will participate in a Christmas Program and Concert THIS Friday evening, December 16, beginning at 6:30. The 1st – 3rd graders will perform the first part of the program and the 4th – 8th graders will perform the second part, beginning around 7:00. Please plan now to attend!

Middle School Dance Follows Christmas Program

Immediately following the Christmas program on Friday, December 16th, there will be a dance for students in grades 6-8. Cost is $3.00 to help cover expenses. Ending time is 10:00 p.m. The theme will be Rock ‘N Roll Christmas. Signed permission forms are a requirement for entrance into the dance.

School Board Changes

Mrs. Anena Rolofson will no longer be serving on the School Board so that she can devote more time to other matters within her family. Anena has been a valuable member of the School Board and we heartily thank her for her service. Mrs. Angel Diehm has agreed to fill this vacancy on the Board. We thank Angel for her willingness to serve and look forward to all she will add to the Board. The School Board meets monthly on the second Tuesday. The names and phone numbers of the other School Board members are listed in the phone directory.

Spelling Bee January 10

On Tuesday, January 10, don’t miss our school’s Spelling Bee where students in grades 5-8 will compete for the opportunity to represent our school in the county Spelling Bee. The Bee will begin at 1:30 p.m. in the Worship Center. Parents, please join us!

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