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St. John Spelling Bee
Friday, December 21, 2018

            St. John Lutheran School recently held its school Spelling Bee as a part of the Scripps National Spelling Bee. Twelve students from the 5th through 8th grades competed in the Bee on Tuesday, December 11. The spellers were cheered on by the student body and a number of parents.

            Representing the 5th grade class were Lauren Diehm, Santiago Espinoza, and Aiden Hoffman. Hunter Bolen, Addison Hampshire, and Ashlynn Myers represented the 6th grade class. Solana Andorfer, Rosa Andorfer, and Sadie Potts represented the 7th grade class. The 8th grade class spellers were Christian Heileman, Aowyn Myers, and Shanda Schlatter.

            In the 9th round Rosa misspelled ‘pennant’, taking 3rd place and leaving only Aowyn and Christian. In the 10th round Aowyn misspelled ‘fulcrum’ and Christian correctly spelled ‘conservatory’. Christian then correctly spelled the championship word ‘alabaster’ to become the school champion, with Aowyn finishing as runner up.

            Christian will advance to the next level of competition and represent St. John in the Noble County Spelling Bee.

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